Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 30


Country of Origin: Ukraine

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Fire Control / Radiation Emission

Battle Cry:

Movement: Super Speed

Favored Attack: Flurry

Favored Defense: Flash Fire

Hated Nemesis: Council

On a cold October night in 1960, in a tiny fishing village on the Western shores of the Gulf of Karkinit, Oleg Kagan began what has turned into a remarkable journey. Growing up a mere 15 kilometers from Odessa, Oleg knew early on what he wanted to be. Often he dreamt of replacing his hero, Leonid Brezhnev, a local man, as Party Chairman of the SSSR. He imagined how he would rule justly and lead the SSSR to victory over the arrogant cowboys of America. He studied hard and at age 14, bribed his way into the Komsomol. His intelligence and charisma won him quick approval within the Komsomol. He was beginning to develop in other ways as well. By the end of his days in secondary school, he was running the 1500 meters at 3:40. A full three seconds faster than anyone under eighteen had ever done. His application into University of Moscow was quickly accepted where he studied Nuclear Physics and Political Theory. It was during this time when Oleg’s true future began to surface. Picked personally by KGB head, Yuri Andropov, Oleg went abroad to Oxford to further his nuclear studies, and spy on the West. His contact, Dr. KBG, showed Oleg the evils of the West. Oleg hoped to be able to fight the West in person, instead in the shadows. It was while at Oxford, The Kremlin called again on Oleg. He was to begin immediate training for the Olympic Games. Surely he would show the American cowards what they missed in Moscow in 1980. Returning to the SSSR in summer of 1982 after receiving his Doctorate, Oleg was deeply saddened by the loss of his hero Premier Brezhnev. Grief turned to hope as former boss Andropov, assumed control, if only briefly. Oleg seemed hopelessly lost when Premier Chernenko announced the boycott of the 1984 Olympic Games. Two years of training for nothing. A lack of properly trained technicians hastened Oleg’s release from the active KGB duty and into a new role as head safety inspector at the plant in Chernobyl. His first, and last, day on the job did not go very well. Oleg does not remember to this day the initial explosion, only the fire and pain. What became known to the world as a catastrophic event was Oleg’s personal nightmare. Flashes of consciousness and strange faces, of pain and bright lights, Oleg’s body began to heal. Finally, after two months of being in a coma, Oleg awoke. His recovery nothing short of a miracle, Moscow chose to parade Oleg as an example of a citizen who could over the difficulties of Chernobyl. Comrade Moscow he was dubbed once it was learned of his newfound abilities to control fire and radiation. He was an overnight hero in a otherwise crumbling land. Posters of Oleg fighting President Reagan for control of the world surfaced overnight. Oleg might have enjoyed this had KGB budget not been cut under Premier’s Gorbachev’s “glasnost”. Oleg retuned to seclusion in the small fishing village from hence he came. He watched as the SSSR changed, allowing Ukraine to become its own sovereign nation. Had it not been for the Rikti invasion this would be the end of Oleg tale. Tapped by an old boss, Dr. KGB, Oleg now resides in Paragon City, watching Statesman and his crew, learning. Awaiting word, he waits. Soon he will show these Rikti who they crossed. This too, now seems unlikely after years of waiting. Now he spends his days in Pocket D’s sporting his Stoli stupor. Wait, that person looks familiar. Could it be time? Is it finally time to take the fight to the enemy?