Warning! This is an enemy of the CCCP!

Group: Other

Server: Protector

Rank: None

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Rack

Country of Origin: United States of America

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Mastermind

Powers: Necromancy / Dark Miasma

Battle Cry: Bleed out your Life!

Movement: Leaping

Favored Attack: Ambushes

Favored Defense: Dying and coming back for more...over and over

Hated Nemesis: Hate is Irrelevant

"Rack is an infiltration/exfiltration expert. He rarely deviates from his mission objectives and prefers stealth, subterfuge and precise, surgical strikes than outright combat to accomplish mission objectives. While not physically imposing, Rack should be considered highly dangerous and dealt with extreme caution. He has been reported as a ‘confirmed kill’ on numerous occasions by our personnel, only to be engaged in combat minutes later, completely unharmed. Even extensive use of the emergency medical teleportation system cannot easily explain away the apparent ‘undying’ nature of Rack. Perhaps there is some credence to the rumors that Rack is indeed already dead, or not completely alive. Regardless, Rack’s appearance certainly gives the impression of an emaciated human corpse. All personnel are advised to use maximum force when confronting Rack and under no circumstances are personnel to engage or apprehend Rack alone. A sighting of Rack is almost always a precursor to an ambush or pre-planned objective related offensive by the ‘undead’ minions Rack commands." -excerpt from classified Longbow file

The villain known as Rack was born Hadrian Jonas Quinn on November 11th, 1920. The son of an American diplomat, Hadrian Quinn grew up in Berlin where his father was eventually stationed after World War I.

During World War II, Hadrian Quinn served as a field operative of the O.S.S., and was eventually stationed in the ruins of Berlin towards the end of the War. Covertly deployed behind enemy lines as a German Sniper, Hadrian Quinn was pitted not against the remaining German forces, but the dreaded Soviet Secret Police - the NKVD.

In what would be the opening phases of the Cold War, Hadrian Quinn’s mission was twofold - the assassination of certain NKVD officers, and sabotaging NKVD efforts to acquire German nuclear and rocketry technology for the Soviet Union.

Hadrian Quinn continued this clandestine war against the NKVD for nearly a year after the War in Europe officially ended in 1945. He was eventually recalled back to the United States for debriefing in the spring of 1946.

Hadrian Quinn remained with the newly emergent C.I.A. and spent almost three decades in and out of East Germany, engaged in deadly Cold War cat-and-mouse games against Stasi and KGB agents. What he did behind the Iron Curtain remains classified to this day, as is his reason for leaving the Agency.

What is known is that Hadrian Quinn settled in Paragon City, Rhode Island in 1970, and eventually married a relatively younger woman (32), Caroline Grace - a full time hero of magical origin and a reserve member of the Freedom Phalanx.

Although initially skeptical of the magical arts, Hadrian Quinn grew to share his wife’s interest in this area, and began collecting rare and obscure books and artifacts of arcane origin. Hadrian Quinn used these books and artifacts to help augment and increase his wife’s magical abilities.

The mystical knowledge that Hadrian Quinn acquired had two unexpected side-effects. The first was that he stopped aging, and coupled with his naturally remarkable good health, made Hadrian Quinn appear no older than his wife.

The second and more tragic side-effect was that the use of magic was slowly killing Hadrian Quinn, like an insidious cancer slowly eating away at him.

This ‘disease’ was deliberate, but intended to debilitate his wife Caroline, not Hadrian himself...

Comments: Death has not changed Rack, much. In life he was detached, unemotional and highly disciplined. In death he is all this and much worse. Rack has clashed with many powerful heroes and villains, including members of the Vindicators, the Freedom Phalanx and even Arch-villains like Ghost Widow and Lord Recluse.

So far the majority of Rack's activity has been based in the Rogue Isles, but an increasing number of his contracts have taken him into the hostile territory of Paragon City.