Sketches of Spain

The inner musing of Gato Rojo and Mosca

Gato Rojo

Warning! This is an enemy of the CCCP!

Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 16

Online Name: Gato Rojo

Country of Origin: Spain

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Mind Control / Radiation Emission

Battle Cry: No Pasaran, Pasaremos!

Movement: Sprint - working on jump

Favored Attack: Dominate

Favored Defense: Mass Hypnosis and a brick in the handbag

Hated Nemesis: Frenchmen, in general.

Born to the leaders of the local Socialist party and tomboy since birth, Gezana was dubbed Gato Rojo as an insult by the local boys who did not understand her fiery hair and tree climbing ways. When the neighboring communist party sent a young Mosca to live with her family she discovered a new best friend and brother she never thought to have. It was a sad day indeed when they were forced to send Mosca to South America to escape prosecution by the Spanish authorities and Gato tried to escape her grief by spending the summer at her parent home in the countryside. It was in the barn of this house that she found and old trunk that belonged to some distant female relative and received a sharp jab from a hairpin hidden among all the decaying court dresses. Suddenly Gato found herself reliving the life of this woman who had died long before she was born at the hands of the French republic while pretending to be an actress but in fact spying on Napoleons regime. Infused with this woman’s memories, Gato has a passionate hatred for the French and an excellent singing voice which she uses to her advantage to hypnotize night club patrons while skimming their wallets. This money, of course, is turned over to the party to do with as they see fit. Most of these men lived, but too many of the Frenchmen never woke up so Gato took her leave to Paragon city hoping her charms could benefit her communist brothers and sisters who had taken the struggle to this new home across the sea.

Gato never thought to see her beloved brother again until the day she found him in a hospital in Paragon city.