Group: CCCP

Server: Protector

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 17

Online Name: Bateleur

Country of Origin: unknown

Origin of Powers: Kheldian

Archetype: Peacebringer

Powers: Kheldian energy / Kheldian energy

Battle Cry: For Freedom!

Movement: Quantum Flight

Favored Attack: Glinting Eye

Favored Defense: Energy Shield

Hated Nemesis: Council

Bateleur does not recall the life of her human half, only that when she came upon the poor battered wreck, the girl was near death and totally insane at the hands of the Council. She had been used as a host for injured Nictus until there was nothing left of her, then left for dead. Perhaps it is just as well that there is nothing left of her personality. Some things are too horrific to remember. Checking into her background, the Kheldian learned she was an ornithologist specializing in raptors, and specifically in the raptors of Africa.

Taking the name of the African black eagle, Bateleur joined the Council's most fervent enemies, the CCCP.