Cmdr. Cosmos

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 21

Online Name: Cmdr. Cosmos

Country of Origin: Soviet Union

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Energy / Energy

Battle Cry:

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Snipe Blast

Favored Defense:

Hated Nemesis:

Cmdr. Cosmos was born to the name of Alexandr Pietrovich on May 7th 1945 in the town of Leningrad. Alexandr was touted as the new hope for the Soviet Union and as thus was raised with as much privileges as one could expect. He went to all the best schools and learned all he knows from them. He came to love the ideals of Marxism and helping others as well as a fine aptitude for sports and became the star and leader of every team he was on. Around the time he started high school the sputnik program started and Alexandr finally saw his true calling, he wanted to walk on the moon. And that became his driving motivation he would graduate from school and join the space program. When word of this reached the ears of the officials at the program they placed Alexandr in a special program that was designed to train him to fly and command a space flight. After many tests of the sputnik vessels it was determined that they needed to decide a new ship design. At the conclusion of the sputnik program a new vessel was developed called the Vostok and manned flights began. All throughout this Alexandr was shown to be the brightest and the fastest learner as well as the youngest. Unfortunately for Alexandr the initial flights were only single passenger capacity and the officials felt that they were not ready to send this boy into space. After six attempts the Vostok program was determined unsafe and the idea of space travel was put on hold. For the next for years the designers worked furiously on what would be the final attempt for a fully crewed Vostok ship flight. Alexandr was picked to be the commander for this vessel and he picked the next brightest out of his classes to help in the flight of this ship.

The ship was scheduled for a secretive flight launch at night. The thinking of the organizers was if this flight failed they didn’t want to be responsible for Alexandr’s death. Luckily for them the launch was a success and the ship was able to make it to the moon. As the crew stepped foot on the surface the situation took a turn for the bad. A wave of pure cosmic energy passed close enough to the surface to cause problems for the crew. Thanks to Alexandr’s fast thinking the crew returned to the capsule safely, but for Alexandr he had to make the ultimate sacrifice. Knowing that he could not get inside safely and still lock the shuttle door he shut the capsule door locking himself outside. As the cosmic rays ripped through the surface the men inside thought him surely dead and had no idea what to do, so they made the preparations to take off. That is when the unexpected happened to the crews shock the air lock began to turn and unlock itself. The crew began to fear the worst and started saying there prayers. When the door opened they were shocked to discover Alexandr stepping through the portal smoke coming off of him and his helmet completely off. The crew was left speechless and put distance from the young Alexandr. All he said to them was “Comrades lets go back home”. So they did.

When they returned tests began on Alexandr to determine what effects the cosmic rays had on his body. The first they noticed is that his speed and strength were increased greatly. The major effect they noticed is that he began showing signs that he could control the cosmic energy around him and create blasts of this pure energy. But the most important ability he had was the ability to detect incoming alien threats. They made the decision to make Alexandr into the figure head he was destined to be. His named was changed for his protection and all records were destroyed regarding the flight and they gave him the code name Commander Cosmos, and designed a uniform that would protect him in his many battles. Through the battles he became known as a symbol for all that for the people and defended them in many a great battle. . He was always available to help a family in need and he gave all he could to protect the ideals of his people, not only from the patriotic ways of the American war mongers but also any unforeseen planetary threat that came the motherlands way. He was like a beacon of hope for the people in the turbulent times of the Cold war.

Shortly before the war ended he sensed a great disturbance on a distant planet and raced to get there in time. He was never heard from for many years. Then a year before the invasion of the Rikti a meteor struck off the coast of Paragon City, within the crater they found the beaten and battered body of Commander Cosmos barely conscience and the only words that came out of his mouth were “Rickti coming” He slipped into a comma and was rushed to the hospital. As he slept he was wracked with horrendous nightmares of the invasion to come but was unable to wake from this sleep and for many years he slept unaware that the invasion was pushed back. When he did finally wake he had no memory of his time off of the planet and was shocked to find out what year it was and that his powers were weakened he no longer had the immense power he had when he left. No one knows what happened out there all that is known is that Alexandr was back and he was ready to regain his powers and fight for his motherland in this new age and city, with hopes that his memory will return before it is too late.