Warning! This is an enemy of the CCCP!

Group: Other

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Commissar

Security Level: 14

Online Name:

Country of Origin:

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Dominator

Powers: Plant / Ice

Battle Cry: Смерть к капиталистам! Россия будет поднимать снова!

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Ice Sword

Favored Defense: Seeds of Confusion

Hated Nemesis: CCCP

Andrey Egor was know, in Russian text books, as the scientist that designed the farming serum that allowed the Community Farms of Soviet Russia to grow on the snow ridden hills of the northern tundra. But in truth he is a Commissar that was infected by the serum and forced the northern population to become workers for the Snow farms. Met with Resistance he ordered the execution of all the people who opposed the will and well being of the proletariat. The farms were a great success, but Joseph Stalin felt the commissars power needed to be preserved for later generations. After great research, scientists figured out how to freeze him to later revive him if the land should ever become barren again. When he was revived, he discovered his beloved home had succumbed to Capitalism, now he is on a quest to renew the Soviet Union and destroy the group of impostor Heroes that reside in Paragon......

Comments: He is the Leader of Soviet Villian Group "Ultimate Saviors of Soviet Russia" or USSR