Young Star

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 15

Online Name: Young Star

Country of Origin: Soviet States of America

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Fire Blast / Ice Control

Battle Cry: For the good of the State!

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Fire Blast

Favored Defense: Chilblain

Hated Nemesis: 5th Column, The Council

Somewhere else… After years of inflation, incredibly high fuel costs, and decreased funding for the military, the United States government was taken over in 1980 by the Communist Party of the United States. Supported generously by their allies in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the American Communists capitalized on the nation's distress and drastically gained popularity. The elections of that year saw a high number of communists and leftists elected to the Senate and House of Representatives. Gus Hall, a labor organizer and staunch supporter of the Proletariat was elected in a landslide for the presidency. Immediately a number of laws and reforms were put into effect. Amendments to the Constitution flew through the approval process. President Hall used the military to shut down all media not approved by the state. Congress nationalized many industries. In a little over two short years, the democratic United States had fully converted to the Soviet States of America, with much assistance from its new allies in the Soviet Union.

In 1982 a baby was born into this world. Her name was Gloria Siglinde Endress. Gloria’s country was under constant threat by terrorists and resistance fighters struggling to return the country to its democratic roots. Striking from bases in one of the last bastions of capitalism and democracy in the world, Canada, these resistance movements killed and injured many in their attempt to overthrow the government. When Gloria was seven years old, her mother discovered that her father was a member of the USResistance known as “Old Glory.” She reported him to the authority and after a trial was executed by firing squad.

During her tenth year, Gloria was spending the night at a friend’s house when she began exhibiting pyrotechnic abilities. She was immediately brought to the attention of the State who inducted her into a Mutant Hero training program. By age 14 she was a “Hero of the State in Training” She continued to train constantly, and was used in recruitment and propaganda videos supporting the State and its military organizations. When she turned 18, she was made a full member and was utilized in many areas of the country, fighting the resistance and a other enemies of the State. Calling herself ‘Young Star’ she proved herself time and time again.

During a routine portal transport from Portland Oregon to Paragon City Rhode Island, something went wrong, and Gloria somehow transferred timelines to this one. She met her double, Young Glory, a patriot of this world’s U.S.A, and a capitalist. While they have their differences, they share many similarities. In order to protect her “sister’s” secret identity, Young Star goes by a shortened form of her middle name, “Linda.”