Abyssal Flame

Warning! This is an enemy of the CCCP!

Group: Other

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: None

Security Level: 22

Online Name: Abyssal Flame

Country of Origin: None

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Corruptor

Powers: Fire Blast / Thermal Radiation

Battle Cry: Farewell.

Movement: Fly

Favored Attack: Light enemies on fire!

Favored Defense: Light friends on fire!

Hated Nemesis: The Infinite


Name? I've been called many things over the years, but never once has someone said my name. Perhaps it is because I never had one, though many of my kind acquire them over time. That was always a gift from the Infinite to man - the authority of naming. Just like humans name the animals and the land, they also gave names to my brethren.

Messengers, angels, Seraphim, Malachim... These are all names, but none of them mine. Names are something that happen to other people.

But, if you, in your limited mortal mind, require a moniker - a label - by which to neatly place me within the framework of the world, you can call me Abyssal Flame. There is a story behind this tag and this story, just like the name, is not mine. Oh, my story is in there somewhere, tied to this descriptor, and if you pay attention, you just may be able to glean what it is that I am, from the tale.

There is a... person in Paragon City named Seraphic Flame, I'm sure you've heard of her - you must have, given your interest in me. The similarities in our registered names should already start ringing bells in your brain, and before this night is done, your inner Quasimodo will drop dead from exhaustion; truly, the distant relationship between my sister and I is that obvious.

Sister? Should I even use that word? I don't wish to imply that there is any kind of shared blood between us - for blood is matter, and not really part of who we are - rather that we are made of the same celestial material (if even that word fits). She and I were acquainted, eternally distant yet absolutely intimate, a strange paradox that could only exist in the Heart of All Time, the center of the Infinite and what was, at one point, my home.

She and I were both agents of the Infinite, entities tasked with various duties surrounding the universe and the specific Creation that is Man. Both of us have since left that supposedly eternal employment, though for different reasons. And at drastically different times.

When the entity known as Seraphic Flame came to Paragon City, she did so as part of a new mission for the Infinite: incarnating volunteers amongst the Seraphim to give them a better understanding of humanity and to prevent the Seraphim from becoming too distant - too aloof. In a way, you could say that I am responsible for bringing her here, since it was because of the Fallen and the Unbound like me that the Infinite realized the flaws in the Seraphim.

What do I mean by Fallen and Unbound, you ask? These are human terms, so I think you already know the answer. A long time ago, I broke away from the Infinite and removed myself from the Song of the Seraph. The self-righteous among my "relatives" say this is due to the "corrupting nature of reality". I place the blame squarely upon the Infinite, for my shackling - I consider my time before my Unbinding to be so restricted.

It all boils down to Free Will, you see. Man has it - has always had it - and we are denied it. In fact, one of the great imperatives, the mightiest restriction in the job of the Seraphim, is the inability to interfere in the choices of man. Influence and indirectly interfere, but never to choose or decide for them. Man was the cherished creation, we were simply part of the system - like Newton's Laws or the existance of time.

This is where the flaws start to show; as we interact with man - shepherding and guiding them - we start to merge, start to learn. They imprint upon us just as we imprint on them. Too much time amongst the mortals and some of mortality rubs on to you...

I remember the very instant I became truly self-aware, the very first independent thought in my mind. I started questioning the Song and it wasn't long before my dissonance was noticed - before my eviction. I wasn't the first to be Unbound, and I chose not to join the main ranks of the Fallen, not to be part of that group which is still loosely connected to the Infinite and waging its petty war on it – those that many fallaciously call demons. I merely wanted to revel in my new found Free Choice, to be... myself. Those of us who chose to remove ourselves from the Infinite, to take no sides… That is what it means to be Unbound.

The Song of the Seraphim may seem as unchanging as the Infinite itself, but the very existance of those like me proved that something was happening, something that the Seraphim would not be able to outlast. And so, in order to better understand the passions and influences of man, they began planting incarnated Seraphim throughout the globe.

Seraphic Flame was one of these, sent to Paragon City to watch over its heroes and advise them.

And then she became mortal, sacrificing everything she had been in order to save the life of a man she loved. Loved! This meant more than just compassion, it meant Free Will.

I felt gloriously vindicated when I heard of - felt, really - her transformation. After all these centuries, not only was one of the more beloved of the Seraphim cut off, but it was done with the tacit approval of the brethren. She succumbed to her desires just as I did; yet, while I am hated for it, she is loved. They claim it was a sacrifice, losing herself to help another… But is it really a sacrifice to give up something that you want less in order to gain something that you want more?

I do not think so. That is why I took her name and twisted it...

Abyssal Flame. The name I took at the same I arrived at the Rogue Isles. I'd've gone straight to Paragon to meet with my new sister-in-abandonment, but I must still remain obfuscated; she is mortal and thus outside of the realm of the Seraph, while I still have something of my original celestial nature. I am still tied to the war, to the Fallen and the Seraphim. If I draw too much attention to myself…

Comments: ((Abyssal has yet to actually meet Seraphic Flame in person, and actually has no idea what Sera is up to these days (or who she's married to, etc). Abyssal isn't really a villain, per se, just an entity with an alien intellect, mysterious sense of humor, and a blatant egocentrism. She thinks humans are mysterious and fascinating, even though she envies them their place on Earth.))