General Winter

Group: CCCP

Server: Protector

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 11

Online Name: DelaneyRoberts

Country of Origin: United States of America

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Ice / Ice

Battle Cry: How do I get out of this suit?

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Look, I dont even know how this thing works.

Favored Defense: Just help me get out of this suit please.

Hated Nemesis: Who ever makes the suit mad apparently.

John Sullivan is a local boy from Kings Row in the dimension named Odin trying hard to do right by his family, he attends Paragon University with a double major of physics and computer development. Helping his uncle who is the super of a Kings Row brownstone he found himself one day in the basement cleaning out the possessions of a resident who had died during the Rikti invasion. The oddest possessions was a large crate with Russian words stenciled on the out side and the Hammer and Sickle on the front. Opening the crate John found an odd looking suit of armor, fiddling with the suit it opened just as outside the brown stone a battle between a group of hero's and members of the Circle of Thorns caused a massive explosion to hurl John into the suit of powered armor as the suit's power system was coming on line. The resulting energy field caused John and the suit to shift dimensions to the reality known as Dva, and if that wasn't bad enough the suits on board A.I. has somehow reached full awareness, but wont let John out no matter how much he would like to be let out.
John now finds himself in a world familiar, yet all together alien, and as the Soviet Union never collapsed in that reality he has found himself by default a member of that nations supers presence in his city, even if it's not quite the city he knows. Lord help him cause his team mates wont.