Dr. Jacob Garvey

Warning! This is an enemy of the CCCP!

Group: Other

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 10

Online Name: Dt. Jacob Garvey

Country of Origin: USA

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: unknown / unknown

Battle Cry:

Movement: unknown

Favored Attack: unknown

Favored Defense: unknown

Hated Nemesis: John Murdock

Due to most of the records concerning Dr. Jacob Garvey being destroyed or 'lost' after the termination of the projects he was involved in, very little in the way of details is known about him.

A virtuoso from a young age, Garvey achieved mastery in several disciplines of science, earning advanced degrees from institutions across the globe. His favored areas of study were molecular biology, biology, cybernetic applications, and genetics.

Shortly after finishing his extended and accelerated education, Garvey quickly flocked to government research projects where he could pursue his interests with the funding necessary to see them through to completion. Early successes enabled him to gain access to higher levels of funding and more complex projects. Eventually, Garvey was drawn into a program that had origins in WWII; a super-soldier project, using early 5th Column research into the area captured during the war.

Finally given a project that would allow him to fully explore his personal goals, Garvey began a very long and rigorous research program to devise surgeries and technologies that would help to transform an average human into something far above and beyond the scope of anything imagined; from the military's point of view, a perfect killing machine willing to obey any order and execute it flawlessly. For Garvey, however, the goal was much more grand; to create a perfect species of humanity, able to survive and dominate in ways that man couldn't hope to aspire to.

Unbeknown to even Garvey himself, he'd be harboring a mild psychosis for much of his adult life. His own genius and personal drive prevented this insanity from being too readily apparent; written off by most as an eccentricity of his intelligence. Garvey is a borderline primary psychopath; he's detached from those around him, and unable to comprehend the emotional ramifications of his actions.

What's exceptional about his particular madness is the peculiar delusion he's developed. It's not a full-blown, reality-bending fantasy, but rather rooted in an abstract understanding of himself and the world. Garvey believes himself to be a modern day alchemist, and regards his highest goal as being the transmutation of all of mankind. His "Magnum Opus", or "Great Work" is to discover a sort of panacea that would enable him to transform humanity. Instead of relying on mysticism like his historical predecessors, however, he uses science and reason.

To this end, he believes that everything has a purpose, including himself. His purpose is to find this "panacea", and the purpose of everything else is to aid him in this quest, whether they're willing or not.

Once Garvey's research had progressed to the appropriate stage, he began to request test subjects in order to advance to the next phase. Two examples of such subjects were John Murdock and Zach Marlowe. Both were part of the same overall "Program", in different and parallel lines of research.

First, with the destruction of "Facility 1", where, Marlowe was located during the training and testing, and then the destruction of "Facility 3" where Murdock was subjected to a variety of surgical procedures and enhancements, Garvey's work for the past 30 years was burned, literally, to ashes. Injured and altered irrevocably during Murdock's escape from the "Program", Garvey has become obsessed with Murdock. Based upon his performance in escaping, combined with John's original and seemingly inborn powers of energy manipulation to produce flame and plasma, convinced Garvey that John Murdock was essential in reaching his goal of transforming the human species.

Recently resurfacing in the Rogue Isles after years of inactivity, Garvey has executed several plots in order to complete his research, and continues to do so. His exact whereabouts are unknown, though intel has recently been gained that points him as having once been associated with the villain group known as The Parliament, and later with the freelancer group known as The Legion of Sinister Intent.

Comments: Current status: deceased. Killed by John Murdock.