Iron Chancellor

Group: CCCP

Server: Protector

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Iron Chancellor

Country of Origin: Prussia

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Dark Miasma / Psychic Blast

Battle Cry:

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Inducing Fear

Favored Defense: Concealment

Hated Nemesis: Nemesis

The original Iron Chancellor was Duke Aleksander Dieter, one of a handful of costumed European ‘Mystery Men’ who bravely opposed the diabolical schemes and machinations of the Arch villain Nemesis, the Prussian Prince of Automatons, during his reign of terror in Europe over 150 years ago.

The Iron Chancellor used his amazing mentalist powers and mastery of the mysterious ‘shadow ether’ to battle Nemesis forces whenever they threatened the safety of his beloved Austria.

With the apparent re-emergence of Nemesis during the 20th Century the Iron Chancellor has returned to do battle once more. It is unknown whether this incarnation of the Iron Chancellor is the original Duke Dieter, or a new costumed hero assuming the mantle and powers of the original Iron Chancellor.

But whoever this costumed hero is, the forces of Nemesis should beware.

The Iron Chancellor has returned with a vengeance!

Comments: Iron Chancellor is a close friend of Comrade Hero and agreed to help bolster the ranks of the fledgling CCCP.

Iron Chancellor is fascinated by the works of Marx and Engels, and likes to indulge in philosophical debates as to how and why Communism ultimately failed.

When not patrolling the streets of Paragon City, Iron Chancellor can be found meditating in CCCP Headquarters, acting as a living mystic defense and surveillance network. He is also quite willing to share his vast knowledge and experience with younger heroes of the CCCP.