Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 43

Online Name: @Soviette

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Empathy / Psychic Blast

Battle Cry: Socialized Medicine!!!

Movement: Super Speed/Hover

Favored Attack: Telekinetic Blast

Favored Defense: A healing touch

Hated Nemesis: HMO

Jadwiga Pavlova Tikonov was born October 25, 1977 to Pavel and Raisa Tikonov in Moscow. Pavel and Rasia were fortunate enough to be in the employ of a fairly well connected Party member. Jadwiga soon became a favorite in his household, becoming best friends with the Apparatchik’s daughter, Ivana. From the beginning Jadwiga was loyal to her country and to communism; Ivana, influenced by what she saw and knew of American culture through her father, was drawn to the fallacy of the American Dream.

Ivana was hell-bent on going to America though. Without consulting anyone, she had registered with a service to find a husband there. Appalled and disgusted, Jadwiga tried on numerous occasions to talk her out of such a ludicrous idea. She would not budge on the issue, but Jadwiga could not bear to betray her to her father. At their final meeting, Jadwiga used every ounce of persuasion she had to get her to reconsider, but Ivana insisted her new husband would provide the life she so desperately wanted to live; a life her father and the Soviet Union could not. So Jadwiga embraced her, turned and left. She could not bear to look at her, at the loss of her only companion for over a decade. Her last contact with Ivana was a postcard a few weeks later from Paragon City.

An extraordinarily bright student, Jadwiga’s dream was to become a doctor. With the help of the Apparatchik, she was accepted into the prestigious I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy; even after the fall of Communism, he remained a powerful figure in Russia. Jadwiga quickly excelled in all of her classes, becoming something of prodigy at the Academy. She was assigned to work in the lab of Dr. Igor Mikolajczyk. Dr. Igor was known in whispers as “The Hussarian”. A fervent communist and brilliant scientist from Poland, his lab was rumored to be engaged in the most prestigious and top secret of research. He invited Jadwiga to go drinking, an “introduction of two great minds, and a celebration of your new post in the service of the Soviet Union”. After hours of drinking he touched her cheek and asked her to come to his lab, saying he had something he wanted to show her.

Once at his lab, he asked her to sit down and he drew his chair close. He began stroking her hair and talking about how she could be the “mother of a new generation,” telling her that “You are strong, intelligent, and faithful the way a leader of the Soviet Union should be. A true Soviette”. His eyes, glazed by alcohol and glory, seemed to look through her. He told her there was something he wanted her to try, an experiment he had been working on. As she got up to leave, he grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her back in the chair. She realized that he was too tall, too large to fight. She cried and screamed but he moved mechanically, as if he didn’t know she was there. He blindfolded her and she passed out.

She awoke in the hospital wing of the Academy. Her head throbbed. Gazing down at her, with a mixture of joy and sadness, was her old patron, the Apparatchik.

“I am truly sorry, Jadwiga. We were informed that Igor was past such…episodes.”
He sat down and took her hand in his. “I should not have left you unsupervised. Ever since… Ivana…you are the only daughter I have left…” His voice quavered. He lowered his head, inhaling deeply.

“You have been given a gift, Jadwiga. An uninvited gift, yes, but a gift nonetheless. You are in pain, no? I want you to feel your pain. Explore the deepest hurts of your body. Concentrate on them.” She did as he instructed. Suddenly a green glow filled the room. She felt her pain and fatigue melt away like the snow in spring.

“Your dream has come true, Jadwiga. You are doctor, a true healer. I also know you are a true patriot. And as much as it grieves me to ask you this after such an ordeal, I ask on behalf of Mother Russia, on behalf of ideals that we once held true, on behalf of the human race...”

He explained to her about the Rikti invasion and how her new powers would be needed in the decadent West. Being a true daughter of Russia, she accepted. As the Apparatchik turned to leave, tears welling in his eyes, he whispered, “Find my baby, Jadwiga.”