Krasniy Zakat

Group: CCCP

Server: Protector

Rank: Commissar

Security Level: 30

Online Name: @Diellan

Country of Origin: USSR

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Electricity Blast / Electricity Manipulation

Battle Cry:

Movement: Teleport

Favored Attack: Havoc Punch

Favored Defense: Havoc Punch

Hated Nemesis: Rikti

To: Comrade Commissar who is the Boss of the Coalition of Communist Crusaders for the Proletariat
From: Rabinovich, Aleksander Mikhailovich “Krasniy Zakat”

This is a letter of introduction and request to become a member of the remnant of the Soviet dream and legacy, the illustrious CCCP. Here is my history:

I was born in eastern Kazakhstan, on February 26, 1967, the same day that my father was conducting a nuclear test in Semipalatinsk… An auspicious event, it seems, as I would follow in my father’s footsteps, as I exited university many years later with a degree in Nuclear Physics.

My youth was uneventful, spent as most good Russian children spend it: school during day, studying into the night, and a smattering of Party Youth Group activities throughout. I was pressured to be the best, and I was… I graduated top of my class, getting me into University regardless of the quota, where I continued to excel.

It was at this time that I met Sophia; the woman who I knew would be my wife. A brilliant linguist, she tutored me English, languages never being my strong suit. Hence why I write and read much better than I speak the tongue. She was, is, smart and strong and beautiful. I was not the only man who had eyes for her, but she chose me just as I chose her. Oddly romantic, in some way, but pragmatic, as we both are.

Like most, we married just after we graduated, so that we would be assigned to jobs in the same area. And so we were sent to Chernobyl, for her to work as a teacher and researcher, for me to work at the power plant while continuing my research on a bright and shining path.

On April 26th, 1986, it all went dark for me. I remember nothing of that day or night, or much of the time that followed. I took more radiation than any normal man has, enough to kill me many times over. The doctors did not think I had a chance, but Sophia… My wife was at my side at all times, keeping me alive. Not much of a life, though, for I spent the next several years in and out of various wards, for the Russian doctors had never dealt with a case remotely like mine.

When the Union broke apart, we left to go to America, to Southern California, where research hospitals staffed with super-powered researchers would be able to help me with my condition. And help they did, for I stabilized quickly to a seemingly human norm. Though, it required a lot of meds, which I take to this day, to keep my body in balance.

But, as with all things, there was a drawback to keeping my overactive body in check. Instead of the radiation running uncheck throughout my body, causing my functions to run at an accelerated rate, the medication caused my body to focus the acceleration entirely on my mitochondria, making it produce inordinate amounts of energy, which were being stored up in my body. This was unexpected and unknown, until my body started to unleash the stored energy, with explosive results.

Further research found that this would happen so long as I was on the medication, and with no alternative in sight, I had to find a way to regularly release this energy. I was approached by super groups in California, and found that annihilating the most vagrant oppressors of the people was an effective and satisfying outlet for my powers. So I studied nuclear physics at UCLA and combated crime throughout the entire area for a time.

And then the Rikti came and I went to war. It was a long and difficult struggle, with many of the people I had come to know among the heroes meeting their end. Just as I nearly did. The fight was too long, and my body could only produce energy so fast, and eventually I ran out. I would have died were it not for my wife’s latent abilities, the ones which I now suspect kept me alive since Chernobyl… Her pyrokinetic abilities saved her from the Rikti, and her radiation abilities saved my life from the injuries the Rikti gave me.

But I was totally drained. My powers had left me for a time, as I had exhausted all the reserves my body had. And so my sicknesses returned for a time, until the medications kicked in once more and my body could, once again, store my energy. And my wife, with her newfound supernatural abilities, needed to begin her own training to control her powers better and accompany me on my little forays.

And so we heeded the call of Paragon City, a place to start over fresh after the Rikti War, a place where I could recuperate, and a place where my wife and I could train. It did not take long for us, once we moved to Founders Falls and got involved with the Russian community, to hear about the CCCP. We know it is the best place for us, the most fitting.

And it is such that I ask for my wife and me to be accepted amongst the ranks of our brethren.

-Aleksander Rabinovich
“Krasniy Zakat”

Comments: ((This is an alternate version of Krasniy Zakat from Protector. The main difference is that instead of photons, he releases electrons and various charged ions.))