Zachary Marlowe reappears on CCCP's doorstep--but it is not Commissar Bestial Boy

The General

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Bestial Boy

Country of Origin: USA/Shadowed Earth

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Dark Melee / Dark Armor

Battle Cry: It's time for the mean, green pain machine!

Movement: Super Jump

Favored Attack: Shadow Maul

Favored Defense: Oppressive Gloom

Hated Nemesis: The Fallen/Fallen Agents

Zach Marlowe of Shadowed Earth was born onto a parrallel version of Earth Odin that was about to plunge under the control of those Seraphic Flame terms "the Fallen." By the time he was in his late teens an oppressive world government the like of which those of most Earths could not imagine was rapidly taking over the planet, creating an atmosphere of despair and resignation. He and Sargeant John Murdock were destined to become super soldiers to enforce that regime. Both rebelled, Zach under extreme coercion, John when his beloved Jessica was killed in front of his eyes. Both destroyed the facilities in which they were being trained. Both escaped to form rebel groups. Eventually, both met. They merged their groups; recognizing Zach's superior command abilities, Murdock deferred to him. Eventually they became known as only "Sarge" and "The General."

They recruited the counterparts of several other Earth Odin heroes; one of them, the mutant healer Bella Dawn Parker. Zach and Bella fell in love on the front lines. Unfortunately there was no Crey Industries, no cloning facilities and no gene splicing to create a stable version of this Bella's genetics. Her powers killed her, leaving the General alone again, like his friend Sarge.

And they fought a losing battle until the day Sera and her children were flung into their world. Until their arrival, Zach had not understood the real face of his enemy, nor that the enemy's chief weapon was despair, for the Fallen had made this Earth a true living Hell, and fed on the pain and desperation of both the living and the dead.

As Zach came to understand this, he not only enlisted the help of the family, he gave them help in return to get home again. And that broke the hold of the Fallen, and turned the tide.

For fifteen more years, aided by arms from the CCCP and humanitarian aid from Portal Corp, the General won back his world, inch by inch. But he knew that much more could be done if Portal Corps would lift the interdiction and allow heroes from Earth Odin to fight at his side.

So he decided to take the jump to Earth Odin and make his case in person. But a mole-agent of the Fallen sabotaged the Portal. Not enough to destroy him as was intended...but it threw him back fifteen years into the past.

The past, not of Shadowed Earth, but Earth Odin. For him, fifteen years have passed. For Sera and her children, they saw him only a month ago, just before jumping for home.

And for Commissar Belladonna Aura, this stranger is a painful reminder of the love she lost.

Comments: Zach lost more than his home and fifteen years; he's lost his memory of how he got here. Greeted by the name of Bestial Boy by people he doesn't know, his arrival in the midst of the Second Rikti War left him confused and not a little dazed. And as if that isn't bad enough...some of these things that should not feel familiar to