Visitant Mirage

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 19

Online Name:

Country of Origin:

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Archery / Devices

Battle Cry:


Favored Attack:

Favored Defense:

Hated Nemesis:


It's a strange thing to experience firsthand.

Waking up with no idea, no recollection, of who you are, I mean, sure, you can remember some things but that’s all they are, things. What's in a name when you have no context in which to place it. It's the same with faces, you can see people in what memories you have but are they friends, colleagues, lovers or victims? Yeah, victims.

Waking up in the night; sometimes, for a brief second, some things become clear. A hut in the grasslands of Africa, a figure steps in front of the window and that’s the person I was looking for. I take aim--

And I’m in a room, looking at a blond haired woman. She stares at me with her pale blue eyes and her mouth wrinkles in the most delightful smile. She’s beautiful and I know that I love her. I open my mouth to say her name--

And I have to force myself not to cry out in pain. The restraints were too tight and I’d had to break my hand to get free. Cradling my hand, I staggered down the passageway – they’d be back soon and I was in no condition to fight them. The end of the passage lay ahead and, raising my arm to protect my eyes, I stepped out into the blinding light

And as I turned my head away from the glare of the rising sun and stared out over the rooftops of Kings Row, I let my half remembered thoughts drift away from me. The past is important, but not as important as the present. The people of this city need me, not for what‘ve done but for what I can do. They don’t care who I was or who I am, all that matters is my actions and by those I shall be remembered.