Mojiotok: Metamorphosis

The disfiguration of a Russian hero.


Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Commissar

Security Level: 24

Online Name: Mojiotok

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Spines / Invulnability

Battle Cry:

Movement: Super Speed

Favored Attack: Lunge

Favored Defense: Invulnability

Hated Nemesis: Capitalist Pig Running Dogs

First and only son of the original Hammer and Sickle, it was evident from early on that Mojiotok (his real name) inherited his father’s super strength. In those days the Soviet Union was in its prime and the Cold War was the compelling mover behind the legitimization of the CCCP super group. When Hammer and Sickle had their extraordinary child, it was determined that the state would raise him while his parents continued to work toward the worker's paradise they so believed in.

Mojiotok's childhood was a series of propaganda experiments that could only be categorized as "The Soviet Boy Scouts." They put him with children of other prominent citizens of the Union and taught them all about the joys of Communism and how it would one day spread across the world. The eventual defeat of capitalism was a forgone conclusion.

Combined with political teachings, there was rigorous physical training and power development. While his super strength showed itself fairly early, it was to his trainers' surprise and delight that Mojiotok started showing signs of super speed around the age of 13. An unusual combination, his parents and trainers were very proud. "What a great champion he will be for mother Russia!"

Then the Berlin wall came down and the Soviet Union fell apart. Mojiotok’s state run training facility was closed down and the new age of Perestroika began. This new outlook on the world was incompatible with everything Mojiotok was raised to believe in. His world came crashing down around him. With all his training, the new state wanted nothing to do with him and he wandered aimlessly. He became bitter and arrogant, holding tight to what little was left of his belief system.

Then came the Rikti invasion. The call for heroes around the world went out and CCCP was revitalized. Mojiotok was inducted and soon became a Commissar. He was sent to Paragon City as an emissary of the new Russia and the new CCCP. He still believes that capitalism with eventually be overthrown by Communism and works toward this goal every day.

Comments: New developments in Mojiotoks story soon to be posted!