Moscow Torch

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 23

Online Name: Moscow Torch

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: Fire Armor / Mace

Battle Cry:

Movement: Superleap

Favored Attack:

Favored Defense:

Hated Nemesis:

Ivan Ephimovich Fedorov was a worker-Stahanovets at a steel plant deep in Siberia in a classified town Dzerzhinsky V. The year was 1940. The attack from the west was impending and the people running Dzerzhinsky V knew it all too well, even if in Moscow, officers were being sent to Gulags for "panicking" and sending reports from the western border that Germans were amassing on the Polish side.

Ivan led his own brigade and time after time they broke records of production. His name was in the papers of the local town and everyone knew him and loved him. On the 14th of October, 1940, due to negligence of one of his co-workers, one Petro Nikonenko, who enjoyed the bottle too much even during work, a terrible accident occured and Ivan flung himself at the fountain of bursting molten iron to save his friend. What was left was badly burned. Ivan was amazingly still alive but loss of limb and tissue would forever keep him from going back to work. He was a cripple now living on the worker's pension.

Fortunately for him, the town belonged to the Soviet Military Complex - hence the classified status. Much research was being done there that no one knew anything about. The scientists worked day and night, dabbling in rudimentary cybernetics and building a suit of armor to rival on land that which was produced by the Aviation department, such as Petrograd and later, ICBM. A genious mind, Moisei Abramovich Agranat, has created a combination of chemicals, much like Napalm, that when fused together could produce a continuous combustion without using up a lot of resources. He also put together a suit, covered in flame retardants that would protect its user from the devastating flame. When time came to fuse the suit with a person, all eyes turned to Ivan Fedorov.

When the idea was presented to him, Ivan readily agreed to join the project. He was a patriot and to serve the country in any capacity would be welcome to him. Anything is better than being bound to a wheel chair for the rest of your life. He was never afraid of fire. Some said it burned inside his veins. What was left of him when the suit was joined with body was but a husk, but a mind was clear and ready to work for the people's paradise.

The test results of the suit's capabilities were very successful. Stalin himself flew in to see the walking tank and liked the idea of a giant warmace -- it was after all a weapon used by many heroes of old Russia. It wasn't long before the suit was named Moscow Torch and became Stalin's personal, secret bodyguard.

As the war began, Ivan thwarted six assassination attempts on Stalin by the Germans and the Japanese. In the last fierce battle, the suit was badly injured and all attempts at repair have failed. The genious of Agranat has passed with his death in 1941. The scientists then froze Ivan in a cryogenic chamber and left the suit for posterity in the depths of Moscow catacombs.

It was Putin's men that were scouring the remains of Dzerzhinsky V and came across the documents of an armored suit. They traced through all the red tape and finally came across the frozen body of Ivan Fedorov and the shambles of the suit itself. Fascinated with the idea, they went to work and with the new millenium came new knowledge in the field of cybernetics. What they put together was a much more sophisticated body that looked all too human, even if heroically large, but they chose to keep Ivan's brain for experiments by fusing him with the suit. When Ivan woke up, he liked the new suit but he didn't like the new regime. He blamed the fall of his Communism on the corruption of the politicians and the greed of the higher eschelons of power. Secretly, he found remaining cells of Communists in Moscow and they told him of a new era rising in Paragon City, where heroes like him toiled to bring about the worker's paradise.
Ivan escaped the FSB and Putin's men and came to Paragon City to join the CCCP.