Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Official

Security Level: 35

Online Name: Carpathia

Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: Fiery Aura / Fiery Melee

Battle Cry: None at the moment

Movement: Super Speed

Favored Attack: Burn, Baby, Burn

Favored Defense: Fire/Plasma Shields

Hated Nemesis: Low doorframes, ceilings, caverns, and tunnels

Born in 1977 in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, Carpathia was 2nd child to her parents. She had an older brother and 4 younger siblings. As oldest girl, her jobs around the house mainly dealth with helping take care of her younger brothers and sisters. Her father had come to Czechoslovakia when Communism had been re-established in 1968. There he met her mother and they were married 3 years later. Her brother was born in 1972 and her mother had 3 miscarriages between then and the time that Carpathia had been born. Her mother, Fiala, had a hard time after that, coddling her two children in an effort to stem the sorrow she felt at losing the other 3 babies. In 1979, she had twins and then 2 other children within the next 3 years. She was quite content with her house full and things were going very well.

Until the day her powers unlocked. It was a very unexpected thing. She was working in her garden and hit a particularly enriched plot of soil. She burst into flame and started screaming. Carpathia was 16. Her mother was 35. THe entire family went running outside to see what was happening. Her father tried in vain to extinguish the flames, but they wouldn't go out. Her mother soon calmed and realized that the flames were not harming her. She thought it odd and as soon as all the soil was removed from her body, the flames went out. She thought this was odd as well. She went and put her hand back into the same area she'd been working in and the flames ignited again. There was something magical and mystical about that ground.

Over the next few months, she started doing research on who had owned the property previously. Nothing odd had been found out about previous owners, but the fact that the owners had let Romanian gypsies camp there often told her a lot. They were known for their dabbling in magic. She starts scouring the country trying to find any gypsies who might be willing the help her. She soon found an old gypsy woman who was willing to speak to her. When the old woman was told what had occurred, she cackled in delight and proceeded to explain what had happened. The place they lived was blessed. Magically blessed. Any who came into contact with the soil could learn to harness the powers of the mountains and the fires that raged in the belly of the Earth. But it could only be used for good. Her mother asked if she was to live in dirt the rest of her life in order to use these powers. The old woman laughed and gave her a neckless with a locket on it. She was instructed to place as much of the soil as possible into the locket and she would be able to harness these powers.

She went home and did just that. She became the Czech Avenger after that and began to help those in need of it. Usually, she worked with the Czech police at the stationhouse her husband worked at. Over the next 3 years, her mother went through a change. She became extremely white, amazingly tall, and her hair became shockingly red. They could only figure it was a side effect of harnessing the powers of the mountain and the fire of the belly of the earth. Her mother began to train her when she turned 19 and by the time that Carpathia had turned 25, her mother retired. Carpathia had fashioned a collar out of the locket and placed her precious soil in it.

Carpathia came to Paragon City to help with the ongoing struggles there. Especially after she heard of the strong Communist influence there. She soon found herself surrounded by others with special abilites and with her side effects, she found she was more at home here than she had ever been back in Czechoslovakia.

Comments: My Bio is a work in progress. As I study and research things more, I will be editing it. Please bear/bare/whatever with me as I work on things!