Bering Strait

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Official

Security Level: 20

Online Name: Bering Strait

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Ice Control / Weather Control

Battle Cry: For My Babushka!

Movement: Antimatter

Favored Attack: Pinching

Favored Defense: Ice Slick

Hated Nemesis: Parliament

It is sad tale comrades. I was leading scientist in, how pigs say?, cosmology. As reward for services to our blessed homeland, premier Brezhnev rewarded me with special assignment. Da! This was good news. But the tale continues, comrades. I was transferred to private resort near Bering Strait with much snow, three, how you say? cubed meals of nourishing gruel a day, and comfortable straw sleeping mat that does, how you say? wonders for the back. The guests at resort seemed in grateful to the Party. Who could complain with dogs and men with guns to protect you all day? Da! Pigs complain, my dear comrades. Pigs. I was in special part of Sharashka. Many smart men as part of my team. We were treated better than other guests, and had much access to both Soviet TV channels. I look back on days fondling. I regret never having chance thanking humble leader Brezhnev personably.

On edge of chair, comrades? Please I continue.

Me and team scientists were chosen to conduct special experiments with fusion of Crepuscular rays and Antimatter. Experiments were done to aid in controlling of weather patterns. With this, how you say? technocratology, Mother Russia would soon dominate farming production. All Workers would be fed, and Pigs would soon beg for help. We would celebrate good times, da? We were given access to best equipment for experiments and any lab subject we needed from other part of resort.

This is time I met my Babushka. All white with beauty, how you say? spot around left eye. Babushka spent much hours with me in lab. staying up late with me watching Marx Brothers ("Pig Soup" was Bushka's favorite) films, and feeding her gruel from my spoon. Babushka told me other rats were jealous, but they never lasted much longer than two experiments.

Suspense is purging you, da?

We so close to success at this time when bang hit us. Changes were, how you say? brooming throughout motherland. Svinya with turd on head proclaiming Glasnost!?! How could this be? Motherland did not need these changes. Both TV channels showed us of the happy workers in the fields! Comrades standing in line (no more then 3 at time in line, or they open another stand) to get free cheese and all vodka they can drink! Cosmonauts claiming planet Bolshevik VIII for the workers! Changes!?! We had heard of none of these until soldiers shouting "liberation" came to make us leave.

For the good of The Party, I had to make like beryoza, and leave. But not before last experiment. I strapped myself onto the table. I was hit with Crepuscular rays, and antimatter was slowly fusing with body. Once over, I felt different, but not sure it was success. Then swine soldiers came into lab, coming towards me. As instinct, I lifted up my hands and created powerful wind tunnel that knocked them backwards.

Da, Comrades! Do your toes sprinkle with precipitation? Babushka and I fled to only safe passage, the Bering Strait. I could easily make swimming, but poor Babushka could not. My poor babushka could only rat-paddle so far. With spin of wrist, I recalled her near to me. Fused Antimatter gave side effect I did not, how you say? foreskin. But I was too late. Babushka had gone to the Motherland in the sky. Pig soldiers! I reached land mass, where natives claimed it was Alaska. America? Home of the Pig-Dog? Bah. It did not seem so much "better" than mother country. Same amount of snow, less gruel.

It is time to show lazy Americans the true Manifesto. But where? I learned of the troubled Paragon City, and the Rikti invasion there. Weak, frightened Americans sounded like easy, how pigs say? Pickets. You will soon learn of the power of the people. For my country and my Babushka.