Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 21

Online Name: Tokamek

Country of Origin: Sweet Mother Russia

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Plasma generation / State-Issued Appliances

Battle Cry: Ozhog!

Movement: enhanced servomotors

Favored Attack: Burning Things

Favored Defense: Burning things quickly

Hated Nemesis: All who oppose burning things

Lt. Gregor Kolishev was a volunteer for one of the many super-soldier programs that were in development in the late eighties and was lucky enough to have been chosen at such a young age. He was to be turned into soldier powered by the glorious science of the fatherland.

The tests had exceeded all expectations… including cost. While the fires of communism burned within him and the tools of the Glorious Red Army equipped him, he was something that the CCCP could not afford. He was… for wont of a better term, ‘mothballed’. With no practical uses for a cybernetic inferno and no desire to become yet another black market casualty, Gregor allowed many of his military attachments to be removed so that he could be allowed to try to return to serving the country in other ways.

His only consolation in those days was that the Americans had been defeated in the cold war to the point that The Soviet Union no longer felt that anything was to be gained by continuing with communism (since they had already proven it could match capitalism while maintaining higher ideals of community) so the Soviet government decided to become a democracy to lead their former enemies to more enlightened self-government by example.

It was to Gregor’s great joy that Mother Russia allowed him to be reactivated and sent to aid the reformed (now an ally) Americans in their struggle against the clearly capitalistic (bad capitalistic) Rikti.

He still does not have all of his old equipment, but he was reassured that he can still easily be retro-fitted (due to the ingenuity of the Soviet scientists to make the systems so simple even the Americans can understand them) whenever the need arises.

Comments: Good to be back in action and setting fire to things. Even without most of my equipment (or anywhere near former power level) I must be effective hero for people. Have joined fine group (CCCP) who are seeing to my training. Many of them are large. Tokamek is small because dumb American food tastes funny in mouth. Plus, I throw up afterwards so I can fit into swimsuit.


Luckily, new servomotors arrived. I am now equipped with what the Americans call 'Mad Hops'. Indeed, my Hops are very Mad and they come for you in the name of the People!


Visited pretty Viking lady and she told me an equipment upgrade had arrived for me from Orion Labs. Was issued tiny robot to help tell me what to hit. Similar to targetting drone used to use in Soviet Union. This unit inferior. Old unit was size of large American TV and weighed many, many pounds more than Tokamek could carry. Also made pinging noise, which was soothing. This unit tiny and makes no noise because stupid Americans can't make good technology.


This is going much well. Have learned new and tiring ways to make things burn. Can now make things burn hotter and make many things burn if they are near other burning things. Very happy.


found way to bypass safety overrides that had gotten boring. Orion Labs say this very dangerous to do because it burns up systems and affects Tokamek's thinking because brain gets hot. Am ignoring scientists because they can not come up with way to keep brain from getting hot while I fight so they are stupid.


During Task Force Tunguska mission (big success!) found engineer that would remove last of safety systems on internal reactor. This makes Tokamek go fast, like lightning! Asked if this would make brain heat worse, engineer said “… maybe not.” Very good engineer, had moustache and everything.