Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 8

Online Name: Supernaut

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Fire Blast / Fire Manipulation

Battle Cry:

Movement: Sprint

Favored Attack:

Favored Defense:

Hated Nemesis:

Vassily Maskhadov was never small, in stature or demeanor. At age 9 he was already six feet tall; at 16, 7'4". Lanky and awkward, he was often the butt of other children's jokes, calling him the Stalk or the Gentle Giant. Bereft of real friends, he turned inwards, holding close to his heart the secret that made him better than his tormenters. He loved to start fires.

Not only start fires, but control them. His backyard was a maze of fireproof dioramas, miniature forest fires, volcanos, building models made of balsa wood. Vassily's father ran a trucking company, and thus the young pyro had access to various flammable chemicals. His skill with them was such that he was only burned once.

At age 18 he graduated high school and went straight into the army. All the better, he figured, to start real fires. His clumsiness and stature nearly kept him out of service, but the recruiter saw the passion in his eyes when he discussed explosives and pyrotechnics, and thus made arrangements that he receive special training in boot camp. Vassily's routine was more rigorous than the usual recruits, but he embraced it, and found his body responding to the strenous exercise with tremendous gains in muscle mass. Within a year he was twice his weight. No longer a beanpole, he was now an immense mountain of a man. With his newfound prowess came a deep confidence, and an aggressiveness born of years of mockery.

Vassily went to work in the demolitions squad, where he excelled. His attention to detail and combative nature led to recommendations that he be invited to a special weapons unit. The Pyronaut Special Missions team consisted of a dozen, hand-picked men from demolitions squads throughout the army. The Pyronaut Armored Demolition Suit was the equivalent of an intelligent flamethrower merged with a tank. The sheer weight of the suit prevented all but the strongest of users to wear it. Vassily's suit, being extra large, was fitted with prototype weapons and codenamed Supernaut.

The during the Rikti invasion, the Pyronaut team was sent out as a backup unit for the CCCP, in the thickest of the fighting. Supernaut fought side by side with Red Saviour and the original Hammer and Sickle. Afterwards, CCCP made a special request to have him transferred to the CCCP as a military attache. When CCCP sent their youngest heroes overseas to Paragon City, Red Saviour again requested Supernaut be included in the initial team. Her request was granted, despite reservations the CCCP leadership had about Supernaut's aggressiveness.

Vassily is not a superhuman, although his size leads many to believe that he can lift cars or smash walls. Like his favorite chemical reaction, his personality is volatile, to say the least. This is tempered by a military mindset that respects authority and responsibility. Destruction with purpose is his goal, which is probably why Red Saviour likes to have him around, as a walking firestorm she can direct at her enemies. He has many comrades, but few close friends. He and Mojiotok frequently butt heads as the two macho males in the overseas team.