Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Commissar

Security Level: 34

Online Name: Kostyak

Country of Origin: USA

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Kinetics / Electrical Blasts

Battle Cry:

Movement: Super Speed/Super Leap

Favored Attack: The Transfer of Energy

Favored Defense: Stealth

Hated Nemesis: Anyone who jeapordizes the safety of his team

(This is a mysterious Pulp-hero type similar to The Shadow. reading origin will remove air of mystery (still, it's not a great mystery). Your Call)


He had given up his previous identity. It would be of no use to him. Giving up his past was a way of 'dying' so that he could be reborn a Skull. He became a diligent student of their morbid arts. At barely 20 he had been infused with the dark power and rank of a Bone Daddy. He was ambitious and had surpassed many senior members on his rise through the ranks.

On a sizeable mission (it was rare to send 4 Bone Daddys and full compliment of Gravediggers on a single mission) in Steel Canyon, he found out the price of unbridled ambition in such a group. The Skulls had planned a very public execution for their youngest Boss as a lesson to any other overly ambitious minions. He fought for his life. He ran for his life.

It was a very public battle that ran through most of the Canyon. A lone figure fighting a losing battle against hordes of Skulls. His clothes in tatters and his body scarred, he was not even recognizable as one of their own. Many of the bystanders, people he had robbed and harassed days before, were cheering him on as if he were a tragic hero fighting for them against the worst of odds.

He had run all he could, he had fought all he could. His energies were drained to the point that he had used his own life force for the last few blasts. He was near death and would fall into her embrace even if another shot was never fired.

Through the haze of his vision, he saw the battle begin anew. A group of heroes had tracked the Skulls down and had arrived as he lingered at Death's door.

He awoke to the sight of the heroes who had saved him. They had taken him to their spartan base and dressed and cleaned his wounds. They asked him many questions about what had happened. A few he answered, most he avoided (he was not wanting to go to Bricktown at the moment). They were content to let him keep his secrets.

He knew he could not go back to either of his old lives. Most of his power and health had been drained in his climactic battle. What little was left he did not want anyway. One of the heroes that rescued him, Red Spectre, had seen that his abilities were mystical in nature and, while bewildered at the request to start anew in the arts (power is not something normally given up) he consented to train him in a new form of mysticism. Over the next few weeks he trained hard. The way these complete strangers helped him (and the crowd rallying behind him) had inspired him to turn over a new leaf

The CCCP allowed him to enter The Red Brigade in order to continue his training while he recovered his strength (also to keep a close eye on a mysterious figure that guarded his secrets closely).

He doesn't ever want to forget his life as a Skull and how his choice almost resulted in his death so he keeps the symbol painted on his face as before. In honor of his benefactors he has taken the name of Bone in Russian. He now seeks redemption as Kostyak.

Comments: Kostyak is fairly secretive. It isn't that he wants to be a loner, it is more of an issue of learning to trust. He feels a debt to the group and his time under Red Spectre's tutelage has given him a new appreciation for the working class. He is not a true communist but does respect the sacrifice that the belief demands.

He tends to stay at the back of the group and use his more subtle life-transfering magics instead of trying to make it as a junior blaster.