Lord Rasputin

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 14

Online Name: Lord Rasputin

Country of Origin: Old Russia

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Darkn miasma / Mind blast

Battle Cry:

Movement: Leaping powers

Favored Attack: Psionic Lance

Favored Defense: Darkest Night

Hated Nemesis: David Copperflied

When I was a child, once I dreamed about a cold cave, deep inside a forest full of eyes staring me, glowing in the darkness. In the cave I know was stored an artifact of great power, and as much as I wanted that power to be free of human limitations, I feared so much the forest I woudn't dare to approach the cave. At the end of the dream I was alone, powerless in front of my fears, and at the same time powerless becouse of them, unable to reach the freedom I was searching for. The freedom from the bonduaries of this petty travel we insist to call life.
But the death... oh the sweet death has helped me to finally overcome my fears. While I was getting poisioned, shooted and beated like a dog, drown in a cold river, loosing at every moment my lifeforce, each moment of pain was rewarded with a greater knowledge.
In the cold death with the assistence of Baba Yaga, I slowly unravelled the secrets of the neverending circle of rotten meat and flourishing life.
i will share this with you, my friend:
Life is meaningless, only power will eventually remains.
Thus seek for power, even if your life is at stake. Power at every cost, for there is nothing more important.

Why should I fight with Communists, you ask?
Power at every cost, my friend.
And there is much power to be found in their young bodies.