Captain Russia

Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Official

Security Level: 28

Online Name: Captain Russia

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Broad Sword / Invulnerability

Battle Cry: For Mother Russia!


Favored Attack: Hack

Favored Defense: Temporary Invulnerability

Hated Nemesis: Facism

Fyodor Bakhtin was born in a small Russian village in 1920. He enlisted in the Russian army to fight in WWII. He demonstrated his bravery on the battlefield well and he received several medals. While serving he was told about a top secret project to help win the war and he volunteered for the experiment. In a secret laboratory he was given the Soviet Super Trooper Serum which put him in a coma for a few days but when he eventually awoke he was changed forever. Although the Serum proved fatal in all of the other volunteers, it endowed Fyodor with increased strength, agility and durability. He was given an indestructible sword to smite his foes with and the name of Captain Russia. The sword was made from an experimental alloy that Soviet metallurgists had developed for tank armor but the process was too expensive and difficult to duplicate in large amounts. Captain Russia learned how to wield the sword with great skill and he used it defensively as well as offensively.

He became a hero during the war fighting fascists and the 5th Column. He led many battles during the war and also undertook dangerous covert missions to help win the war. He was seen as a symbol of Russia and a devoted soldier. After the war, however, certain politicians began to fear his popularity. He was framed by a corrupt party member and sent to a Siberian gulag. He soon escaped from the gulag but was frozen in the Siberian tundra as he tried to make his way back home. Captain Russia was cleared of any charges soon after he went missing. The charges were revealed to be false and he was hailed again as a hero of his country again but presumed dead. Shortly after the Rikti invasion began his body was discovered near a Rikti crash site. Remarkably, he was still alive due to the Super Serum. Captain Russia had much to catch up with after being frozen for fifty years and he was particularly dismayed to find out about the fall of the Soviet Union. He was relieved to find some heroes left who believed in the ideal of communism and the mother country. He has joined The Red Brigade, a group associated with the CCCP. He has taken up the fight against evil, capitalism and fascism once again on the streets of Paragon City.