Reports to Moscow

Secret behind-the-scenes transmissions from an operative in CCCP-Amerika to Central Headquarters in Moscow.

Mother Siberia

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Official

Security Level: 17

Online Name: Mother Siberia

Country of Origin: Soviet Union

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Ice / Forcefield

Battle Cry: We will bury you!

Movement: Superconductive running

Favored Attack: Icy holds

Favored Defense: Make morons fall down

Hated Nemesis: Fascist Pigs

Born Ilena Veystrestnaya in 1889, I became director of Center for Cryogenic Research in USSR during Great Patriotic War. We conducted many advanced experiments in low-temperature science that Western idiots still have not duplicated.

In 1943, Nazi criminals approached our research facility. In order to avoid fascist dogs from learning advanced secrets, all scientists except me were evacuated from facility, and it was left to me to destroy our works. In explosion, millions of gallons of liquid helium were leaked and flooded into my control room, and explosives buried facility from eyes of prying fascists.

In late 2003, while digging basement for new apartment building, still-frozen Ilena was discovered and luckily revived. On seeing the degradation of beloved USSR by western puppets Gorbachev and Yeltsin, I began campaign to restore Soviet Union and kick out new Russian imperialists. They responded by declaring I had no status as a Russian (having not been alive at the time of breakup of USSR), and expelled me from Mother Country!

Now I come to Amerika to work on enemy from within, and superhero screening at immigration point finds I have residual superpowers from helium accident! In Soviet Union, we had no crime, but Amerika is full of homeless and criminals due to exploitation of working classes. I tell citizens about glories of Soviet Union. I urge city to build more collosal statues, like Soviet Union. I fight new fascists disguised as Fifth Column.

Comments: [[There is a sprinkling of evidence that part of this narrative is just a cover story provided to CCCP-Amerika. The 1943-2003 gap conveniently covers any activities that might have happened during that 60 years, and I.Veystrestnaya may have been working behind the scenes during some or all of that period.]]