Hygiene Man

Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 20

Online Name: Hygiene Man

Country of Origin: Cuba

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Claws / Reflexes

Battle Cry: UT!

Movement: Speed

Favored Attack: Spin

Favored Defense: Cleanliness

Hated Nemesis: GERMS!!!

Hygiene Man was born Xavier Puslowski in the spring of 1966. His father Beltan Puslowski was a interpreter for the Polish underground and traveled extensively through out the world. On assignment in Cuba, interpreting for Fidel Castro's intelligence agency, Puslowski met and fell in love with Angelica Arevello, a beautiful and brilliant scientist working for Castro. One year later Xavier was born and in 1971 they moved to just outside Atlas City. Where as young child he realized that there was a large battle raging on the streets of Atlas. It was germ warfare out there and right away Xavier knew which side of the battle he awas on. He vowed to become the cleanest and hygenical correct person he could be. He became a student of the physical arts, and a a physical speciman through practice and perserverance. His first public appearance as Hygiene Man was during the 1992 Pan Am games representing Cuba in Table Tennis, where after the game in a homemade costume he caught and apprehended a flasher who had painted Go U.S.A. on his buttocks and planned to "moon" the unsuspecting crowd. Hygiene Man, accutely aware of his suroundings, noticed a suspicious lack of underware lines and foiled the fiends plot.