Power Play

Commissar Mojiotok has left his post to accompany Bestla to Russia, Commissar Red Menace is following them, and Commissar Red Saviour has resigned in disgust. Who is left to lead CCCP?


Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 28

Online Name: ICBM

Country of Origin: USSR

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Radiation / Radiation

Battle Cry: 3.. 2..1.. LAUNCH!

Movement: Fly

Favored Attack: Proton Beam

Favored Defense: Hover

Hated Nemesis: Congress Man

History of the ICBM armor

1965-72: Viktor Smirnoff, a brilliant young nuclear scientist, begins work at the Desna-V missile complex in Bailonur dismantling old SS-24 ICBM under the term of the SALT treaty. During this time he begins experimenting with re-cycled parts from the missiles. With an unlimited supply of nuclear warheads, casings, rockets, and gyroscopes he begins construction of his greatest invention.

1973: Smirnoff shows his creation to his supervisors, calling it the ICBM. He is immediately sent to Moscow. After extensive testing, the armor is repainted and displayed during the May Day parade in red square. Brezhnev salutes as Smirnoff; in the ICBM armor walks past at the head of a column of missiles.

1975: US deploys "Safeguard" its 1st Anti-Ballistic Missile system. USSR retaliates by retrofitting ICBM armor with 2nd stage rocket pack, allowing it to attain orbit.

1976: ICBM manages to shoot down an American spy plane, setting off a chain of events that almost start WW3.

1979: Salt II treaty signed, USSR is prohibited from mass-producing the ICBM Armor.

1980: ICBM is sent to Afghanistan to support the Soviet invasion. Two months later Viktor Smirnoff is assassinated by CIA operatives as he takes a shower in his Kabul apartment. Unknown to the assassins, Smirnoff had equipped the ICBM armor with a "dead mans switch" as a failsafe. The resulting explosion destroyed 6 city blocks, and the armor. Smirnoff is given a state funeral at Red Square.

2003: Sergei Balderstonov, a young nuclear engineer at Desna-V, buy's the former home of Viktor Smirnoff. In the attic he finds several large crates marked "spare parts", inside he finds the base components of the ICBM armor. In a short period Sergei manages to re-assemble the armor, but it is obvious that several major parts are missing. The machine operates at about 25% of its previous power.

2004: Balderstonov moves to Paragon city, and joins the CCCP. He continues to experiment with the armor to improve performance.