The Upgrade

When security at Portacio is unawares Iron-Curtain takes the opportunity to explain his recent ordeals to his comrades. Could a run-in with a rival corporation change Dmitry's life forever?

Needle in a haystack

A report by Iron-Curtain detailing the current incapacitation of Mother Siberia.

Iron Curtain

Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 17

Online Name: Iron-Curtain

Country of Origin: Belarus

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: Invulnerability / War Mace

Battle Cry: No one gets passed Iron-Kurtain!

Movement: Super Speed

Favored Attack: Pulverize

Favored Defense: Temporary Invulnerability

Hated Nemesis: Crey Industries

Dmitry Yudin was selected from thousands of possible candidates for an experimental nanotech treatment in 1986. Like many of those who lived within thirty-two kilometers of the Chernobyl Nuclear facility he suffered from lymphoma (a terminal cancer of the lymph system). What set the twelve-year-old Belarusian boy apart from the others was the loss of his parents during the initial meltdown. Without a legal guardian the Soviet government could keep the experiment classified should he die during the procedure. They believed that a successful outcome could potentially raise the declining morale of the proletariat and set the USSR ahead of the United States in terms of medical technology.

After numerous injections of nano-particles into Dmitry’s bloodstream, the cancer had gone into remission. The physicians seemed hopeful for a full recovery but the nanites were not undergoing their apoptosis protocol as expected. In fact, they seemed to continue multiplying. Within hours the microscopic machines had taken control over Dmitry’s homeostatic functions, synthesizing muscle and bone tissue. His epithelial tissues became metallic in appearance, and as the doctors discovered when trying to administer an injection, completely impenetrable. The final result of the transformation was an enhanced being of both flesh and machine.

What had initially started as a medical study soon turned into a project for military application. After months of intense combat training Dmitry was deployed to the borders of Moldova, Georgia, and Armenia. His service in securing the borders against insurgents and rebels had earned him the title of The Iron-Curtain, a living wall that would shield the Soviet Union from its enemies. But Dmitry’s days as a military hero were short-lived.

By 1989 the USSR had fallen into economic ruin. When the KGB intelligence agency dissolved it was discovered that the nanotechnology used in Iron-Curtain’s creation was obtained in an act of espionage from America during the 1970s. The patents as well as the actual nanites themselves were created by Portacio Industries almost a decade before the experiment. A U.N. trial within the Hague stretched on for nearly two years until it was decided that Portacio Industries could not forcibly remove the nanites from Iron-Curtain without killing him; but because the nanites constituted at least 60% of Dmitry’s mass he was technically property of Portacio Industries.

The Iron-Curtain now serves as a hero in Paragon City, but under contractual obligation he must also protect the interests of Portacio. The once proud protector of the socialist ideal and the proletariat had been reduced to a corporate pawn. He begrudgingly accepts knowing that he aids in the fight against a greater evil (Crey Industries) and that someday he may be able to earn enough money to purchase himself back from Portacio. In the meantime he finds solace in serving with the Red Brigade, protecting the innocent from the evil that lurks within the shadows of the capitalist empire.