Pablo Tiego

Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 18

Online Name: Pablo Tiego

Country of Origin: República de Baracão

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Defender

Powers: illusion / kenetics

Battle Cry: ¡Para le revolucion!

Movement: sprint

Favored Attack: Phantom Army

Favored Defense: Propaganda (Decive)

Hated Nemesis:

The Life and Principles of Pablo Tiego

Tiego's path to Presidency
Pablo Tiego was the first President of the first Republic of Baracão, and the founder of the independent Baracãoan nation which is so prosperous today. Tiego was himself a second-generation immigrant, whose family had moved to the island to take advantage of the Old Empire's policy on taxation, whereby colonial industrialists were encouraged to develop trade in the colonies. Although Tiego's family had strong imperialist and paternalist notions, Pablo became ingrained with radical thoughts from his education in Baracão's new schools.

When the Old Empire, of which Baracão was just a faraway trading post, became overstretched, and despite heavy taxation on the autochthonous peoples, the income of the colonies was not enough to cover the cost of maintaining order, the intelligentsia in Baracão became increasingly disruptive. Strikes in schools were common, and it was not unknown for pupils to join in. It was during his university years that, to the surprise of his family who held him at arm's length for the rest of their lives, became involved with nine other radicals, forming what was to be known by the authorities as the Group of Ten. Of course, the group continued to grow, but Pablo Tiego emerged as the most influential of the members, and the group retained their name.

For all its faults, the Old Empire did not put up a fight and was grateful to have an excuse to withdraw its costly armies from the islands when the Group of Ten presented a petition, signed by more than two-thirds of the population, declaring their desire for independance. The petition also set out provisions for the constitution of the first Republic of Baracão.

Tiego's family left to return to their homeland, but not without leaving Pablo a significant amount of money. Previous leaders of Baracão had relied on their property to gain power and influence, but Tiego used his skills and an orator and a demagogue to win over the campesinos, the majority of the population, even donating vast sums of his family's money to augment their standards of living. It was this spirit of philanthropy which saw him being elected - by a landslide victory - to the position of President.

Tiego led Baracão to his four principles:

Independence and Self-Reliance
Tiego was naturally dedicated to the independece of the people of Baracão, not just from foreign powers but from internal powers, too. He believed that each and every citizen of Baracão should not be subject to slavery, either mental or physical. The principle that every Baracãoan should also be able to have a say in his or her nation's future was a major feature of Tiego's policy. That Baracão should put its own needs first, to build and consolidate a strong society capable of helping others rather than relying on the grace and hand-outs of foreign powers.

Philanthropy and Collectivism
Tiego, as a wealthy landowner, was a renegade when, as President, he proposed the redistribution of wealth in Baracão. Even his property was redistributed, as part of a large family estate that came into his ownership was designated a co-operative farm, where landless peasants finally got to live and farm on their own land. Tiego proved that Baracãoans are only true Baracãoans if they use the advantages that society has given them to create advantages for society.

Tiego was betrayed by some of his citizens under the reactionary Marcus Valencia who led a coup to oust him. This led to the evil Holy Empire of Minorca being set up, with Marcus as 'God-Emperor' at its head. However, with Tiego's principles at heart, patriotic citizens have reinstated the Republic - a fourth Republic, based on the principles that guided Tiego's life and actions.