Ms. Ing

Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 19

Online Name: Ms. Ing

Country of Origin: Asian-American

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Ice / Fire

Battle Cry: Oh my God! it's on SALE!!! (Lily)

Movement: She Jogs and takes Tae-Bo

Favored Attack: Insulting Jenny (Lily)

Favored Defense: Not getting Hit

Hated Nemesis: Jenny Kennely (Lily)

Incident report: 7C1-84D
Reporting physician: Dr. Hunnidew
Subject: Tara Khan

You have read the report on the subject’s blood disorder so I will not repeat the information here.

That same disorder was having an increasingly detrimental effect on the patient’s mental state. Her delusions were increasing. Even the radiation treatments were having little effect for the first few weeks. She had started to define another personality that is some kind of elemental spirit according to what she has told us. It was intermittent at first… sometimes not surfacing for a weeks then it became more common as the treatments went on. This coincided with her improvements from the treatments as was noted in my previous reports. It finally had established itself as the third of the dominant personalities. Soon thereafter her condition went into complete remission.

Shortly after that was when the incident occurred. Dr. Bekar was monitoring the treatment from the control room when flames engulfed the treatment area. When he was finally able to get past the debris, he noticed that the subject was gone.


Tara was wandering aimlessly a few days after her escape and happened upon a picture of her on a local news kiosk. She must have had one of the less stable recessives in control because she began to associate the word Missing with her name. soon becoming Ms.Ing (even though she rarely refers to herself by this name, it is what the papers have started calling her).

Comments: While most of the personalities that have surfaced all seem to have access to the elemental powers, some are more inclined to use them than others. The personalities often vie for control especially after traumatic occurrences.


Lily is a spoiled, catty brat. Her reasons for being in a communist groups are that she thinks people should share all their stuff with her and that she looks GREAT in olive and red. She is a fairly materialistic little girl. She is also the only one with a nemesis (Jenny). The only reason she's in the group is because it gives her better odds for survival.

She is the dominant personality now.

It is unknown where or how Lily has obtained the money that she has.


Tara was the original personality and she is the nice one with a social conscience. She believes in the spirit of Communism but is naive to its realities... She's a 'save everyone' type. Her prominence has been steadily weakening to the point that she is aware of the other's presence when she is in control.


Kova is the 'Elemental Spirit' that Tara talks about. It is unknown whether it truly is an Earth Spirit, a Trickster Spirit or just another personality to help her resolve the appearance of her powers. It is the most pragmatic of the dominant personalities and seems the most aware of what goes on when not dominant.