Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 16

Online Name: Ravenfrost

Country of Origin: Russia/USA

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Ice Control / Kinetics

Battle Cry:

Movement: Working towards Super Speed

Favored Attack: Flurry

Favored Defense: Ice Patch and Block of Ice

Hated Nemesis: The Familiy (Any Mafia)

Born in Siberia, Katya Kovalenko was moved to the US at the age of 5. Her father had ties to Russian Mafia and wanted deserately to distance himself and his new family from those ties. Unfortunately, the Russian Mafia has far seeing eyes, and longer reaching arms. Three years after coming to America, Katya's father was tracked down, and shortly after returning home from work at the local John Deere factory, the Kovalenko family was attacked as they sat down to dinner. Katya's father begged for his family's life, pleading for them to take him and leave his wife and daughter. But the Mafia strongmen were cold-hearted and would not be disuaded from thier assigned task. They ruthlessly slaughtered Katya's parents before her terror widened eyes, but as they turned towards young Katya, intent of finishing the task to the end, something from deep inside her awakened. As the hitmen rasied thier weapons towards her she erupted in a cold rage, screaming "NOOOOOOOOO!" as she threw up both hands to fend off the expected shots. They never arrived, and as Katya looked up at her attackers she was astonished to see them all encased in blocks of solid ice, and emanating a chill as cold as any cold she ever felt in Siberia. Looking down at her own hands she saw they were lightly encrusted in frost. She knew then that the ice was her doing.
Suddenly very confused, and still very frightened, 8 year old Katya fled with heavy heart from the deathplace of her parents, never to return.

She spent the next month living in alleys and hiding in dumpsters, barely scrounging one meal a day. She was eventually discovered by a kindly elderly woman whom Katya to this day refuses to name, and this kind woman took her into her home, providing her with clothes, food and education for the next 8 years. Over those 9 years she experimented with her powers, though always in seclusion, and found that she was not like other kids. And all the while she vowed one day to wreak vengeance on those responsible for giving the order that led to her parent's deaths. At the age of 17, the kind elderly woman whom Katya only refers to as Aunt, passed away. But the woman had left what meager belongings she owned to Katya. Katya quickly sold everyting (except a few hierlooms) and moved to Paragon City. Lured by reports of a high degree of Super Hero activity, and the hopes of possibly meeting and being trained by such people. There she met Major Ursa, a Russain hero from the communist super hero group CCCP. He took her under his wing, and introduced her to the CCCP's sister organization, Red Brigade. Katya was inducted shortly thereafter and took the codename: Ravenfrost.

Born in Russia to parents who strongly belived in communism, Katya has a strong communist leaning. She believes strongly in the purest of communist ideals but is sadly aware that communism is as prone to political corruption as any form of Government and therefore does harbor some doubts. Having been raised in the US since the age of 5, she does also carry a few American traits ("There's no reason one can't work for the good of the many and still dress stylishly!).

Ravenfrost speaks Rusian fluently, but English is now her first language. She exhibits little to no Russian accent when speaking English, however she sounds very Russian when speaking her native tongue.