Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 19

Online Name: Thermos

Country of Origin: U.S.S.R.

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Ice Control / Storm Summoning

Battle Cry:

Movement: Teleport

Favored Attack: Block of Ice

Favored Defense: Snow Storm

Hated Nemesis:

Dragash Blazhei was always fascinated by machines. Even as a small child in the far outskirts of Moscow he would spend his time taking apart radios and other small appliances. Though clearly mechanically inclined, he was a horrible student. His academic failures were noticed soon enough and he was shipped to a military school.

Dragash became a very average soldier, but an incredibly impressve motor pool mechanic. It was said he could get a tank running again with some duct tape and fishing line, but his ability to march in formation or even make his bed was considerably less impressive.

As his fourth year of service came around and Dragash was "volunteered" for a special squad of soldiers. It was clear when he arrived there that this was not an elite group. They were trained for weeks on how to survive in incredibly harsh cold environments, as they trained it was clear that these fellow soldiers were as sloppy and uncoordinated as Dragash himself.

Soon, the doctors came. They brought needles and sensors. Every day the soldiers were examined, injected, and were even forced to sleep in metal tubes. Though Dragash didn't know why, he was fascinated by the engineering and studied the pods all night. One night as Dragash lay awake, he felt a cold liquid slowly filling his pod from his feet up. He began to panic and scrape at the small window of the pod. Soon a doctor's face appeared in the window, and he smiled. Seconds later gas began to enter through holes in the pod and Dragash lost consciousness.

He awoke with his squadron in a vast expanse of snow-covered tundra. The first thing he noticed was that he was naked. Soon after he realized that he wasn't even cold. As he looked around at his fellow soldiers he saw in their faces what his own expression must have been. Everyone's skin was a light shade of blue.

For the next few weeks they used their training as best they could to survive out in this wilderness. Though the cold was no longer a danger, food was still scarce. Soon, it became obvious that the army was not coming to save them, and Dragash decided that he must keep moving if he was going to make it out of this wasteland alive.

After several days travelling on his own, Dragash fell unconscious in the snow. He woke in some kind of building, but he could hardly see or even move properly. It felt as though he was on fire, and as he looked across the room at the wood-burning stove he knew he had to get out. He stumbled up out of bed and ran into something warm that fell over, then he was out into the snow. As he regained his senses, he looked around at what appeared to be a small fishing shack. There was a garage and a small ski-plane nearby, but no owner. Off on the horizon Dragash could see small flecks of rock and grass which designated the melt line of the tundra. He had been pulled to safety, he had made it.

But he soon realized that even this climate, which he assumed must have been near 5 celcius, was burning him up even outside the house. For days Dragash lived in the small garage as it had a large freezer that he slept in. One night the freezer made him remember the pods and Dragash had an idea. He worked and stayed on this piece of land, with still no sight of the owner. Dragash spent all his time working on making some kind of make-shift suit that would insulate him so he might go back to his own home. Using his incredible mechanical skills and whatever he could find - pieces of the freezer, winter coats, duct tape, even an old motorcycle helmet - to create a chilled and insulated suit so he could maintain a low temperature.

When it was done, Dragash was ready to leave the small cabin. He decided to try and leave a message for the owner inside the house, which he hadn't entered since he rushed out to remain cold. As he entered in his suit, he saw a man laying on the ground with a spilled plate of food. He was long dead, and it occured to Dragash that he was probably already dead when he had woken up. Dragash recalled his mad rush to leave the room and realized that he had touched this man with his bare skin as he stumbled out of the building. It would appear that the very touch of his skin was deadly and that he had unintentionally killed the man who saved him.

Wracked with guilt, Dragash began to run from the shack back towards the snow melt. He spent the next few years living on the streets of a small town on the edges of Siberia. Here he could get food and vodka from some sympathetic people, but the town was so small and remote that he didn't feel like he was in danger from the army finding him.

One night while he was repairing some holes in his suit, Dragash read a newspaper about a town in America which accepted all kinds of "science heroes". It became his singular mission to get there and try to start again.

Comments: Dragash is currently living on the streets of Kings Row. He spends his downtime feeding his drinking problem and gambling with his homeless associates.

He has made a makeshift home for himself in a back alley where he has modified a derelict refrigerator into a place he can sleep without his suit.

Recently, Dragash has been doing favors for the local police so that he can sleep on the streets without any interference.

He has also taken a liking to American nerd paraphernalia. Going against his upbringing he has begun to collect meaningless cards, watch syndicated fantasy television programs, and revel in watching the Lord of the Rings many many times.