Personal Log of Major Ursa

Major Ursa logs his thoughts and experiences, confiding in his own personal digital diary tablet.

Major Ursa

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 30

Online Name: Major Ursa

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Assault Rifle (updated Mosin Nagant 9100/3100) / Devices

Battle Cry:

Movement: Super Jump

Favored Attack: Sniper Rifle

Favored Defense: Using Range, SG, Cloak, or a good defender!

Hated Nemesis: 5th Column

Major Ursa, aka Nikolai Ovechkin, was born to proud parents Ilya and Ludmilla Ovechkin during the post WWII era circa 1951.Young Nikolai was a sturdy toddler, with a gruff,stubborn and fearless attitude not unlike a bear, earning him the affectionate nickname of Ursa from his parents.

During the great Patriotic War, Nikolai's father Ilya, served with the 284th Rifles Division when they were sent to Stalingrad to help repel the German occupation. It was while serving in the 284th Rifles Division that Ilya Ovechkin met the famous Russian master-sniper Vassili Zaitsev. Zaitsev was serving with the 284th Rifles Division having been re-assigned from his post in Vladivostok with the Soviet Pacific Fleet. Ilya and Vassili became fast friends, but soon Vassili's excellence with a rifle would get him promoted to Sniper and moved to a special unit to train and deploy snipers. Sadly, Ilya while an accomplished rifleman, did not have the inate skill Zaitsev sought in his pupils and was not selcted to train with Zaitsev. Shortly afterward Ilya was wounded in a skirmish and lost his left leg from the knee down to a German grenade. It would not be until the years following WWII that Ilya would again be reunited with his good friend Vassili Zaitsev.

In the years following the Great Patriotic War, and shortly before Nikolai's birth, Ilya and Ludmilla Ovechkin told thier friend Vassili that they wished him to be God Father to thier child. Vassili accepted with glee. Vassili married after the War and had children of his own and every summer young Nikolai would visit the country home of his God Father Vassili and the two would go hunting together. It soon became obvious to Zaitsev's expert eye that young Nikolai had great talent with a rifle, especially for one his age. Over the years Nikolai would spend 2 months of the summer with Vassili and each summer the veteran Sniper's tutalage of Nikolai became more focused. It was just before Nikolai's 15th birthday that Zaitsev presented Nikolai with a present: a WWII era Mosin Nagant 91/30 sniper rifle. "Now," said Zaitsev to an ecstatic Nikolai "the Bear is having teeth!".

Nikolai Ovechkin joined the Red Army at the age of 17 and soon impressed with his ability with a rifle. Over the years he worked his way up through the ranks, attaining rank of Major and eventually being assigned to a Special Operations unit that saw action in among other places, Afganistan(where he first met and fought alongside Sergei Balderstonov aka ICBM).

There is much missing information from Major Ursa's records, with large periods of time left unaccounted for. Most likely these time periods involved Covert Ops and will likely never be declassified. Major Ursa has also been linked to the KGB, but no records of this can be "found".

In the years following the end of the Cold War, and the downfall of Communism, Major Ursa retired from Military Service to fight corruption and tyranny in the mother land, focusing especially on organized crime. Then, joining the exhalted Russian Super Group CCCP, Major Ursa relocated on assignment to Paragon City where he works to protect the Americanski proletariat from the many dangers they face in that ravaged and corrupt capitalsit city... all the while working to spread the word of Communism to the masses.

Major Ursa's weapon of choice is the updated Mosin Nagant 9100/3100 (modern day version of the famed 91/31), heavily modified by the Major himself.