Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 2

Online Name: Sinergia

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Earth Control / Empathy

Battle Cry: It's our Mother's Will!

Movement: Sprint

Favored Attack:

Favored Defense:

Hated Nemesis:

Nadia was born in a humble farm near St. Petersburg, year was 1894. Life was simple but sometimes hard; since her first days, she was a weak girl, always sick, yet always happy. Her father was a farmer... but also a disciple of Plekhanov. His political ties in the underworld where the cause of his downfall. On a winter's day, the farm was simply destroyed by menchevike raiders, or that was said... 8 year old Nadia was the only survivor.

The girl was taken into a dark orphanage where she found the demons that dwell deep inside the human soul. For two years she lived a hellish existence and her mind withdraw to an inside world where she was free and ill no more. At the age of 10 she was still alone; no one wanted to adopt such a sickly girl.

Finaly, destiny was fair and the girl ended up living with a young soldier and his wife. She was still ill, but the young woman fell in love with the child, so the best doctors they could afford had an eye on Nadia, who adopted ner new parents' name.

Time passed and the young soldier and his wife loved the girl. Nadia was happy. Nine years passed and the girl became a beautiful woman, her father was in charge of a secret science facility with the rank of General. Everything was wonderful.

General Dragosani always overprotected his daughter, loved her deeply; but there was also another love of his: his own world.

"Project Gaea" was a military attempt to build a new kind of bomb. A small dispositive without detonating charge, but with a fearsome effect. The bomb channeled the Earth Vis, and by disrupting it they could create earthquakes with devastating effect. All the weird theory became very real the day it all crumbled.

The explosion killed everything in a 10 mile radius, General Dragosani never knew what really happened, was sabotage? or simply bad luck? But Nadia survived again... well... something like that. She was caught in the Ley chamber in the moment of the explosion, her own essence was channeled to the Earth itself and something touched her soul. She fell to the ground, and was found days later in a weird structure, something like a stone whomb, she was in deep coma but aparently unharmed.

She was placed in another medical facility... but this time it was different. For nearly a century she did not age. She was stuck in a sleeping body, and an army of scientist conducted hundreds of tests on her. She was not aging and the only physical effect she suffered was in her ebony hair. It turned white as marble.

In 1990, a young scientist made a serum. It was used to bring Nadia back from abyss. With periodical dosis of this serum, she was capable of "living". Her mind had to be "reconstructed", but her body was perfect now, strong and full of vitality. She showed special abilities that amazed the scientists, her nexus to Gaea giving her control over the earth itself. She could even use the living force of Nature to heal wounds and regenerate heavy damage. Nadia turned to be a living channel to the force of Nature, living a synergy with the spirit of our world.

She was used by the Kremlin as a weapon. Was given a red suit and a cohort of assistants, scientists and hardware to do his task. She was Nadia Ivanovna Dragosani no more... Sinergia was born.

But something changed in the CCCP. Sinergia started to realize of how she was being used, and hated it. She felt like a tool in the hands of some hidden power. When those hidden powers realiced how rebelious she was growing, decided to change her for another toy (a young and vicious mutant named "Tenebram").

Sinergia was accused of high treason and condemned to living dead again. They just stopped supplying the serum...

Some days ago, a young scientist entered the closed crypt of Sinergia and risking his own life shipped his stone coffin to Paragon City. This young man had made great advances in his serum and has awakened the lady... She is now in control of her own life... well... at least while the serum lasts...