Katya KGB

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 23

Online Name: Katya KGB

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Illusion / Illusion-induced Forcefield

Battle Cry: For the workers!!!

Movement: Teleportation

Favored Attack: I use my illusions to torture fools

Favored Defense: Illusion-induced forcefield

Hated Nemesis:

Katerina Rominov was cut from the strictest of Red cloth. Her grandfather was among the lucky few to survive Stalin’s bloody purges, and as such joined the mad man’s growing bureaucracy. “The people must be FORCED to work,” her grandfather would say, “regardless of the people’s will!” Katerina’s father would follow down the same dark path, joining the secret police and sending many a worker to the gulag. It was little wonder then when young Katya joined the KGB. Sent to Moscow for “special” interrogation training, Katya learned how to create illusions real enough to cause physical harm. Armed with such powerful torture techniques, Katya could force confessions from even the most strong-willed individual. Indeed, Katya become the ideal KGB agent…until the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Watching the masses climb over the wall in celebration triggered something within Katya. She saw firsthand the strength of the people’s will. Katya finally understood that the people could not be forced. Father Lenin had from the beginning sought to free the people, not further enslave them. In order to atone for the oppressive actions of her family and herself, Katy has traveled to Paragon City. From now on, Katya KGB works for the people!!!