Grandmaster in Name

The growth of a martial artist into his title.

Grandmaster Te

Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 31

Online Name: Grandmaster Te

Country of Origin: China

Origin of Powers: Natural

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Martial Arts / Regeneration

Battle Cry: Renounce violence!

Movement: feet

Favored Attack: Boot to the head

Favored Defense: Ch'i

Hated Nemesis: Tsoo

The Public story: Grandmaster Te is a 12th circle Master in the New Shaolin School of Hunan, carrying on the ancient tradition of the Shaolin masters of Martial Arts. The Shaolin form a fascinating part of China's grand past and are now fully members of the Communist Party, believing in the ideals and equalities of the Working Class.

Visitors from the west will be fascinated in visiting Hunan and the Shaolin School, where the ancient traditions are carried on by the monks. Accomodations are available nearby, and training is available to aspirants fromt the West who wish to learn the many Shaolin forms.

Grandmaster Te has heard of the great problems in America with crime and invasions, and he has come to Paragon City in a goodwill tour to promote and demonstrate the Shaolin arts.

Comments: The Private Story: The Communist Chinese thought the Shaolin temples and order would be a superb tourist attraction. Unfortunately, they had burned down the temples and killed or exiled most of the monks during the Revolution. The temples have been rebuilt, but there were no Masters of the Forms to populate them.

So they recruited several promising young Buddhists with enthusiasm for Communism and sent them to America for training, including Te. On his arrival in America, Grandmaster Te knew some of the spiritual side of martial arts, but none of the physical forms. He's trying to learn as fast as he can, and hoping no one questions too closely what "Grandmaster" really means.