CCCP Recruiting Drive

If you want to apply for membership, read this entire page first!

Potential Members (4/05)

We welcome all comrades to join CCCP, but please note we have following rules:

1. You do not need to be Communist or Marxist, but you should PRETEND to be Communist or Marxist (or some other leftist radical political faction) while pretending to be superhero in online game. It is -- how do you Americans say -- ROLE-PLAYING.

2. Your character should have some tie-in with leftist political ideologies, through Mother Russia or some other nationalities' political movement... or fake, such as Symbionese Liberation Army. It is the theme of our group. A right-wing patriotic hero would not fit in. Nor would Wolverine Mk. 2.

3. Please have some grasp of classic comic book characterization. We are not looking for X-Mens, Spawns, or any of this new-fangled stuff. No "macho, dark, mysterious" heroes that are but a facade for an underconfident teenager. We are classic Marvel and DC inspired.

4. Mature gamers of all ages preferred. Our focus is on the characters and the gaming experience, not the level of our characters.

5. We are happy to make suggestions for character themes, if you are interested but know little about Soviet culture. Actually, we are no experts either. We draw more from a comic book/pulp depiction of Cold War era Communism. Lots of sloganeering, "capitalist" this and "fascist" that, "running dogs" all over the place. True Russians would be appalled.

6. We are located on the Pinnacle (Earth Odin), Protector (Earth Dva), and Virtue (Earth Tree) servers.

Below are our guidelines for roleplaying using CoH's Chat system. If you're not comfortable with these guidelines, you won't enjoy playing with us.

1. Try to restrict your Team and Supergroup chat to IN-GAME dialog. You can discuss some game mechanics, but couch it in in-game terms: instead of "yo, guys, should I get Aim or Assault?", say "Comrades, I have an opportunity to improve my Aim, or benefit the group with Assault tactics. Which would you recommend?" Thus we do not violate the suspension-of-disbelief required to play a superhero.

2. If you MUST use the Team and Supergroup chat for an out-of-game statement, use parenthesis. Like so: "(guys, I have to take the dog out, brb)".

3. Extensive game mechanics or other non-RP discussions should happen in a private chat with Tells. A little consideration goes a long way. Optionally, if the context is appropriate, such as at the store, or as the night is winding down, or after a mission when we're all taking a break, a little out-of-game dialog doesn't hurt anyone.

If you are interested in joining our group, register on our forums ( Under the CCCP Open Discussion section is a section titled, CCCP Recruiting. Create a post with the title, Application: NAME (your character name). In that post please answer the following questions:

1. Character name
2. Character archetype
3. Full bio
4. Current level (anything is ok, including lvl 1)
5. Global Chat Handle
6. Time Zone: (We do have some European players, but most of us are in North America)
7. Some indication on why you want to run around online with us

Currently we are limiting the number of alternate characters new recruits can have in CCCP to one. However, we have a sister organization for other alts, The Young Champions, which has a liberal recruitment policy. Please post on the boards, answer these questions, and we will get back to you in game!

Put your best foot forward!

Thanks for reading. We look forward to hearing from you.