Privyet, Comrades!

Welcome to the official website of the courageous guardians of the Worker's Paradise, the Coalition of Communist Crusaders for the Proletariat. We are a Cold-War era Communist themed superhero group, created for the online game City of Heroes. This website serves as our storytelling and organizational tool.

The CCCP started in my head as a concept during the beta testing of City of Heroes. Red Saviour was a hand to hand fighter then, cheerful and eager to lecture Amerikantskii about Marx. When the game officially went live, I convinced a few friends from my hometown of Cincinnati to join in, over the course of a drunken weekend in a chalet in Gatlinburg, TN (aka "the Redneck Riveria"). One of them, who plays Apparatchik, liked my concept and suggested the name. Others came aboard over the next month. For those who love this sort of trivia, the "characters" who were present at this historic meeting were myself (Red Saviour), Mojiotok, Ununtriarch, Gato Rojo, Reaktsiya, Apparatchik and Natyasha.

Our friend Ununtriarch, typically, reached level 10 before I did, and agreed to register the superhero group. The CCCP was born! We began to run into some strangers who liked the idea and joined us. The first few left after a few weeks, but some stayed, and the word spread. Within two months, we had 45 players and had spawned a second group, the Young Champions.

Since I have been building websites for a living since 1996, I spent an evening throwing together a blog-style site for the use of the group. I made first use of the blog features by chronicling my "reroll" of Red Saviour into an energy wielding blaster. That was April 29th. As of this writing we've had over a hundred posts, ranging from brief directives from Moscow to full-fledged short fiction.

And fiction is the driving force of this group. Think of us as an improvisational theater group that acts through chat channels, with an interactive theater program in your laps as you watch the proceedings. We often find that entire evenings are dedicated to roleplaying that could just as easily be done through a conventional chat program.

We invite you to browse the site, read the character biographies (some entire stories of their own), follow the story arcs, and check out the chatter on the forums. Very soon we hope to introduce a guestbook where you can post flattery or invective, and a public forum where you can participate yourself in our little world.

The great strength of this collaborative effort lies in the creative spirits of the people involved. It's an honor to know them and a privilege to be the first to see the results of their efforts. This sort of group storytelling isn't going away; I predict that within five years it will be commonplace, just as social networking sites are today. Remember that! I said it first.

Workers (and storytellers) of the world unite!

Steve Libbey
aka Red Saviour, People's Blade, Heavy Brother