Official Edict
From: Commissar John Murdock, Officer Sun Kai
Subject: Official Uniforms and Uniform Policy

Welcome, comrades! As an elite paramilitary organization devoted to crimefighting, investigation, and the public good, we take pride in our image. Part of this image is the official Patrol Uniform.

The Patrol Uniform consists of several parts: one, a Kevlar/Nomex woven bullet-resistant vest. Two, a red cape of the same material. And third, leather pants and boots. All are to be of the appropriate CCCP colors.

The Patrol Uniform is issued once a comrade has achieved Security Level 20. By this time, the prospective recruit should have been able to prove himself reliable enough to represent the CCCP. Once a recruit has reached the required Security Level, they are to contact one of our officers for funds in order to purchase their Patrol uniform.

Wearing the Patrol Uniform signifies full acceptance of the recruit into the CCCP, and represents the trust invested in the recruit. Wear the Patrol uniform with pride, in honor of the history of the comrades of the CCCP that have come before you.

Protocol for wearing the Patrol Uniform is as follows: For inspections by officers, while patrolling with other CCCP personnel in a squad, during propaganda events, and any other time one might think would be appropriate to represent the CCCP.

Exceptions for wearing the Patrol Uniform: Some of our comrades and personnel, due to unique circumstances surrounding their metahuman powers or for some other reason, are unable to wear the Patrol Uniform as previously described. Such comrades are notified to contact an officer when they reach Security Level 20 for authorization for exemption.

Optional items for Patrol Uniform: There are several parts that are optional for the patrol uniform. Comrades may wear a mask/helmet/facial covering of any kind, so long as the colors conform to prescribed colors. Additional protective gear, such as shoulder armor or gauntlets, may be worn, with the same advisory. Finally, instead of leather pants and boots, comrades may choose to wear fatigue pants tucked into combat boots. All optional choices for the uniform must be approved by an official before acceptance.

For maintainance, refer to section 32-C, subsection XXia., paragraph 13; "Maintainance/replacement/excoriation protocols for damaged/lost uniforms"

For uniform funds allocation, refer to section 20-F, subsection IVb., paragraph 2; "Request form for uniform funds (triplicate)/excoriation protocol for misplaced uniform funds"

For accepted uniform alterations, refer to section 58-G, subsection IIic., paragraph 31; "List of acceptable uniform alterations/list of unacceptable alterations/excoriation protocols for unnacceptably altered uniforms"

((Basically, all of the information you need for the Offical Patrol Uniform is above.
Available at level 20; secure funds for it from an officer. If you have alterations you want to make to the uniform, check them with an officer for concept and look before finally incorporating them. Any other questions you have reguarding the Patrol Uniform ought to be forwarded to an officer, or brought up on the forums.

Now, for the specs on the uniform:

Head: Entirely up to you. Recommended that any mask be black to match the neck of the suit.

Upper Body: Tight
Chest: Flack Jacket, Stars 2 (black, 5th red from left)
Shoulders: (Optional, colors should blend with or match chest)
Chest Detail: Star 2 (both 7th yellow/orange from left/4th row)
Gloves: Smooth/Bare, Shiny Leather, none (3rd grey from left)
Belt: Ampules (4th grey from left, 6th red from left)

Lower Body: Tights
Pants: Pants, Stripe 1 (black, 4th grey from left)
Boots: Smooth or Stilettos, Shiny Leather, None (Black)

(Alteration, if approved by superior)
Lower Body: Tucked In
Pants: Cargo, Stripe 1 (black, 4th grey from left)
Boots: Work Boot (Black)

Back Detail: (Optional)
Capes: (Optional), (interior/exterior 5th red from left). Brooch 52

Auras: (Optional) ))

Click here for Optional Uniforms. ((Coming soon))