Russian Words and Phrases
Courtesy of comrades Bering Strait, Red Saviour, Soviet Star, Krasnaya Zarya

Russian is generally written in Cyrillic letters. Until City of Heroes adds that feature, we have to scrounge around for anglicized, or "translit coding", russian translations.

English to Russian, translit coding (also in frame below): Online Dictionary

If you are very angry, you might use some of these Russian curses. Not for young eyes! Or parents! Or Central Committee! Surely, no true brother or sister of the Revolution would speak in such a way. (Note: page on our site, original was booby-trapped with spyware)

Common Phrases

English Russian
Hello Privyet
Hello Zadrastvuitye
Goodbye Do Svedanya
Yes Da
No Nyet
Thanks Spasiba
I'm OK Narmani
I don't know Niez nayu
I get your point Panyatna
Why? Pacheemoo?
Sorry! Izvinit!
There it is! Fwhat
It is... Eta... (i.e., "Eta ICBM.")
Friend Drook
Lets do it! Da vai!
Damn it all! T'fu, propast!