Welcome to the CCCP site, comrades!

(posted Thursday, April 29, 2004)

Greetings, American comrades in struggle against fascism in Paragon City! I, Red Savior, am proud to stride down troubled streets arm in arm with you. The Coalition of Communist Crusaders for the Proletariat (CCCP) has come from Russia to help rebuild Paragon City after Rikti Invasion.

Our website is still under construction, but you can find some nice links to Marxist literature or gaming sites, da? We have added early pictures of members to members page, and biographies are forthcoming. Soon, website will be fountain of knowledge about CCCP, the worker's revolution, the struggle against oppression in America by fascist criminals and corporations, and other brave topics.

Until then, fight on, courageous champions of justice for American workers everywhere!