Part Two

From the Story Arc: The Creation Part 1

Previous Story in the Arc: Part One by Khrushchev (Monday, August 09, 2004)

(posted Tuesday, August 10, 2004)

Part 2


Some assistance would be required to enter the Sewers; I enlisted the help of 5 Year Plan and The People’s Hammer.  Comrade 5 Year Plan has excellent Repel Device which keeps damage at minimum and Hammer is much like Khrushchev and a Technological Genius.


The Battle was long and fierce as the creatures of this place are strong and do not take kindly to strangers entering their domain.  The Banished were slow and dumb but strong and unwavering.   For hours we waged war against the dead, flame throwers covering the floors and igniting the sewer gases setting ablaze anything that it came into contact.


One by one they fell to the ground it seemed all too easy.

“Something is not right here” Hammer


Mission Completed


“Comrades the Scroll is just ahead I will recover it and meet you on surface” Khrushchev


“Are you sure?” Hammer asked as he walked towards the scroll, 5 Year grabbed his arm “He will be fine let us go, Do Svedanya comrade Khrushchev”.  Hammer


“Spaciba comrades your help here was much needed, I will sees you soon” Khrushchev


5 Year and Hammer made there way back to the surface.


“What was that scroll for?” Hammer

“You know, I did not ask” 5 Year

“Maybe we should go back and find out” Hammer.  He turned and started to walk back down the sewer, 5 Year once again stopped Hammer.

“We go to surface, Comrade Khrushchev’s destiny is on another path then us, (pause and whispers)….besides he tells me of the voices he hears and I must admit his psychological imbalance is frightening.” 5year


“Why do you whisper he is hundreds of feet below us through thick rock” Hammer


Back at the Scroll


“Voices yes I hear voices, I must remind myself not to tell them anything” Khrushchev


Khrushchev was not one for locks and keys so he smashed open the case.


“It is empty!” he yelled his voice echoed through the sewer.  He stood up and kicked the trunk against the wall shattering it into pieces.  A trap door was now uncovered.


“Of course….”  Khrushchev thought to himself as he opened the door, “Hammer was right this was too easy”.


A ladder was just underneath that seemed to go on forever into the black of the sewer below.


After touching bottom nearly a half mile down, the air became thick and heavy.  A faint light was off in the distance in barely penetrated the dark that consumed everything.  As he walked towards the light he noticed that the floor was soft and squished below his feet.  A fowl scent filled the air as he got closer, “What is that smell, it is awful but strangely familiar? Even Hygiene Man would be disgusted by this place”.


The light was coming from an opening that was in a form of a large crack in the wall.  As he made his way towards it muffled voices could be heard.


“Vahzilok! I knew that smell, only one creature could be that bad and it was them.”  “But who are they talking to”   I could only see the tops, “That’s it just a little bit closer perfect.  Khrushchev gasped and then clenched his metal fists.  “Blade and Saviour, I knew it, you do not belong, you are traitors to the CCCP and you were the ones who did this to me” Khrushchev grabbed for his gun and aimed, “Your time has come, and Vasilli will not be here this time to save you”


He clicked twice on the scope and Blade’s head was brought into focus “you will die a traitor’s death” He placed his finger on the trigger and watched “You are mine…. (a confused look came onto his face) what is that around her neck?”  A line that looked like stitches made the way around her whole neck, naked to the eye but visible to a keen sight like Khrushchev.  That was not there before.


“It’s nothing I must remain focused” he continued his finger twitching on the trigger from sheer anger and hatred.  Below Blade grabbed the top of her head and ripped it off like a mask.  The creature revealed her true self a Changeling an impersonator.  Khrushchev dismayed dropped his gun and watch as Red Saviour did the same.  “How could I be wrong?  To think how long he had planned this out, how close he had come to killing to of his comrades as he thought about being up in the bell tower.”  “I was wrong, I must seek redemption, I must let the others know of this conspiracy, and most off I must apologies to my comrades.”


The smell grew stronger and flies started to swarm around me, “I must leave this place before this gets worst”.  A large glop of green flem oozed onto his shoulder and trickled down his chest plate, it made a burning noise like it was of acid.


“What the….”


Khrushchev turned around and there before him was the largest Vahz he had ever seen.

“Infidel, you are not welcome here”


“I can leave”

“No, you can die” Khrushchev reached down for his gun.

“Looking for this?”  The Vahzilok who appeared to be sewn together from several others grabbed the gun and snapped in half like a dead twig.


“My gun…..!, Well I would like to stay”  Khrushchev activated his super speed and took off making it about 10 feet before he was clothes lined down to the grown.  The large creature grabbed and picked up Khrushchev by the neck and held him feet of the ground.


“Enjoy the pit, for it will enjoy you.  Remember it is not the fall that will kill you but the sudden stop”


Hanging over the cliff by his neck Khrushchev was dropped, he plummeted 100 feet to the hard stone floor, smashing his head on the ground knocking him unconscious.


“What of the hero?”


“Do not worry he is dead, nothing could survive that fall.”


To be continued.