The Thrill of the Chase - part 2

From the Story Arc: Rebirth

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(posted Sunday, December 17, 2006)

((This takes place after the events within Patches))

(One week later)

Star sat in the Murdocks living room, absently playing with a handheld computer she had picked up earlier in the day. She was thinking hard, or trying to, wondering where she went wrong, what she could have done differently. She’d given Astra space to grow by herself, been filled with pride after her sestra took down this ‘ghost’, only growing concerned as it reappeared again. When she did intervene, moving to directly assist Astra, she hadn’t been of much use in finding Grim and that Circus Person and then, when Astra tried to surrender…

< Wherever you go, I go. You must make that decision, sestra. You are willing to surrender the both of us? On the chance that it will not kill those children? >

It was meant to be encouraging; Astra had already decided what must be done and giving her the chance to face this, with the full knowledge of how difficult a decision it was, should have strengthened her. But maybe Astra misunderstood; maybe Star had forced her sestra into too difficult a decision, too soon. Even when it looked like Astra was going to surrender, she’d hesitated in pulling her to safety, allowing Astra the chance to make her own decisions. But that opportunity was gone as then the ghost got hold of her, removing any decision that could have been made as well as removing all contact Star had with her sister.

Thankfully though, Kyne’s presence was faint but still there. That was enough for Star to locate Astra and once that was done it was easy to teleport Murdock nearby, allowing them both to free Astra and to get her to safety.

Now all Star could do was to sit close by and wait, ensuring Astra was safe. No matter how much she would have wished otherwise, she wasn’t effective in direct confrontation against this ‘ghost’ and Comrade Victoria asked for it to be left alone for the moment. Garvey, the person who wanted Astra and Aedan, was as personal to Murdock as Grim was to Astra and so was untouchable, at least until Murdock asked for assistance or Garvey became a bigger threat.

She gazed over towards Astra’s room, she’d let everyone have some time with her sestra. Besides, now that they could sense each other again that was enough. The apartment was well-protected normally and, given the current gathering, it would take a determined force to assault this location and there would still be no guarantee they would succeed. Star cast another glance over towards Astra’s room and sighed, that still just left her sitting here on a couch, playing with a computer and… Star broke off mid-thought. Her eyes were drawn back down to the computer and she finally registered what she been looking at. Pictures of one Astra Kyne Murdock.

Star flicked quickly through the file; along with the pictures, grainy shots from a distance, there was a scanned image detailing a reward for her capture and information about Astra; a lot of information about Astra - her name, her family, recent sightings… the list went on. Who’s computer was this, where did this come from?

She thought back, running through the events of the day. It was before they rescued Astra, before they chased him around the Isle it was-- she remembered. She’d picked it up just as Astra and Aedan were defeating Grim, the first time they clashed. Watching from the forest, she’d noticed two shapes moving towards the fight. Void Hunters. Two of them she could handle and they’d been taken them down quickly enough but then, just as she was trying to find out what they were doing, everything started to go wrong and the computer had been tucked into a waistband and forgotten, until now. But Void Hunters carrying this much information on Astra could only mean one thing.

She pushed all of her concerns and recriminations about her behaviour to one side, if Hunters were stalking her sestra… Her anger building, she let it course through her. She knew what these things could do, and being hunted by them was not something she would let happen to her sestra, not now, not ever.

She looked again at the computer, there must be some way of telling where the Hunters were based but she’d need someone to help get that information out of this, as well as someone who could help her taken them down. Pulling out her own PDA, Star began to call up the CCCP duty roster. Waitron could mostly likely get-- Ah, perfect. These would do very nicely, they were on duty and could assist with both tasks.

She reached out towards Astra and gave her some reassurance and comfort; letting her know that her sestra would be back soon. Then, after withdrawing, there was just one more message to leave.

< Murdock, I will be back shortly. Any of my failings you wish to discuss can be done then. Da svedanya and be careful with my sestra, Void Hunters are after her. She will be safe within here - do not let her leave. >

She closed the brief contact as soon as she finished talking; there could be no more distractions now, she had Hunters to find. Before they found Astra.