The Thrill of the Chase - Epilogue

From the Story Arc: Rebirth

Previous Story in the Arc: The Thrill of the Chase - part 4 by Krasnaya Zvezda (Sunday, December 17, 2006)

(posted Sunday, December 17, 2006)

The building was deserted, apart from all the bodies that was. These lay scattered throughout the building; there had been a fight-- no, a massacre here.

Well trained, his men needed little direction; instantly beginning their sweep of the premises, looking for signs of life, hostile or otherwise. There was none. These heroes, he thought, looking at the all too revealing indicators left on the broken bodies of the Hunters, had been most thorough.

He walked through the building, mapping out the battle in his mind as he did so. These Hunters were outclassed; their futile attempts to repulse the invaders spoke of their inexperience and the prowess of the heroes. What had they been doing when the assault started? Where were the sentries? The defensive perimeter that should have been the first thing put in place? The signs all pointed to the lack of discipline within this command and that, combined with the element of surprise, had made this to be a forgone conclusion. Which did not make it any less disappointing.

He found himself in the room that was, for want of a better word, the building’s ‘command’ centre. He stood, looking down at the ruins of the Slayer in front of him. The body had been badly damaged but was still recognisable as Gal’Ulan.

It had been a messy job, most likely done in a hurry, but it was done by someone who had had experience of this before. And there weren’t that many people who would have done this, he thought as he looked down at the ruined form which lay before him, and that fact, as well as this one’s current assignment…

“Red Star, Red Star,” Kynthas said to himself, “going back to your roots, I see.”

“I’m sorry, sir?” came a voice from the corner, “You said something?”

Kynthas looked over at the Stalker who was bent over the ruins of the computer. “No, nothing. What have you found? Is it there?”

“No sir, it looks like the hard drive and other components have been taken. The fittings have been sliced right through. Clean cuts, by some sort of laser I think.”

“It is of little matter, we have the information we need. Change the access codes anyway, and keep watch for unwelcome guests.” Kynthas smiled, “It looks like we will be doing this the ‘old fashioned’ way, how appropriate.”

Signalling the withdrawal, he left the building; there would be little room for errors now, she had already escaped him once before and he would not let her out of his grasp again, not after so long. In fact, maybe it was time to let another interested party know… Yes, that could work well. No matter the thrill of the chase, this hunt was long overdue a kill, and the sooner that it could be arranged, the better.

Pulling out a communicator, he accessed a secure channel. “I need to see her. Tell her it is about an old friend.”

Oh yes, an end was long overdue and it would be something for Red Star to look forward to.