Wear it With Pride, Comrade

(posted Friday, December 22, 2006)

Having finished the tasks given to her, with the help of some trusted comrades, the People's Elf finally went to Icon for her CCCP uniform. She was a full member in all but appearance, and was ready to correct that. She was ready to look like a member of the finest fighting force she had ever known. She was ready wear the golden star of the Coalition of Communist Crusaders for the Proletariat.

“Hey, thanks for taking care of those Tsoo,” Serge said. “Anything I can do for you?” The way he was looking at her outfit made it very clear that he thought there was certainly something he could do for her.

“It was not a problem, comrade, although I did have help. But I [i]will[/i] be needing a uniform.” She began to give him the specifications, but instead he pulled out a bundle of cloth and put it in her hands.

“I thought you might say that. Go ahead, try it on.”

“Oh, thank you comrade!” she replied. “I did not think you would have already made one for me. I--”

“Look, it's a [i]very[/i] common uniform—and I mean common,” he said with annoyance. “There are a lot of you commies out there, and that means a lot of uniforms. Not to mention the ones that get torn up fighting the bad guys, which [i]I[/i] have to replace. I try to keep a few in stock. Personally I can't stand the things—the colors are [i]all[/i] wrong, they don’t match, there’s just too much black, and those [i]boots! [/i]” He shook his head and made a sound of disgust. “Just try it on, ‘comrade.’” He was trying to downplay what he had done for her, and the CCCP, but she suspected this was not merely a “stock” uniform.

Gina’s suspicions were confirmed as she began to put it on. As much as he may dislike the uniform, Serge knew how to put it together. The pants fit perfectly, and she had no doubt the jacket would as well, no matter what he might say when he saw her.

As she put it on, she recalled the moment she had received her Battle Healer's uniform.

The People's Elf guided the zipper up her body, and looked in the mirror. She would wear this uniform with all the pride she could muster. [i]I am now duty-bound to give what I can to this metropolis.

I am Comrade.[/i]