From the Story Arc: New Years 2007

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(posted Thursday, December 28, 2006)

Alex Rabinovich sighed as he wandered through the CCCP base, looking over its decorations. Or, more accurately, lack of decorations. He wasn't a holidays person, or a celebratory type, definitely not religious, but he was most certainly used to certain "cultural festivities"... And these were lacking.

But Sofia had had an idea, and so here he was...

He approached the bulletin board and pinned up the notice that his wife had made earlier and took a step back, eyeing it over.


Bring food from Mother Russia to an evening of food and drink. Be at the community room by 2100.

-Doctors Alexander and Sofia Rabinovich, Officers"

He frowned and grabbed the notice by the corners, tilting it one way and then another, not quite making it straight. Especially with Pavel's latest mile-long chain email tapped to one side, and Chug's latest drawing on the other.

"Need a bigger board..." He muttered to himself, wandering off to the laboratory.


"What is that?!" Sofia shrieked.

"What?" Alex blinked, turning to eye his creation. "It's a whiteboard. I figured that cork and thumbtacks were outdated."

"And those things on it?"

"Magnets, to hold papers on it."

"Magnets? But they're animals and things and... a pink cat?"

"I, um..." He rubbed his hand through his hair guiltily. "I let Bear buy the magnets. That one is, um, Privet Koshka, or something like that."

Sofia pulled it off the board, letting a ream of papers of bad jokes fall on the floor.

"But it's just iron... There's no magnet."

"Ah!" Alex beamed. "That's what this is for!" He pulled some notes off a large metallic device at the base of the plastic. It was ringshaped and hummed ominously.

Sofia stared.

"It's a magnetizer." He grinned. "A very robust one. Anything with even the smallest trace metallic elements will generate a magnetic field."

"Even, say, the iron in a human?" Sofia asked warily.

"Yes. But this one is only big enough to magnetize a hand. Or a foot."

"Bad..." Sofia clucked her tongue. "Put that away before Bear finds it. Or Chug."

"Um..." Alex gave her a guilty look again.


"My prototype, though, is much bigger." He pointed back to the workroom. "I learned my lesson, though! And as soon as I unstick Bear from Petro I'll-"

Sofia turned and walked away, trying not to scream and laugh at the same time.