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(posted Thursday, December 28, 2006)

It was a good idea, this Russian tradition: Stay up until midnight to greet the new year. And try to figure out if it’ll be a better one. It had to be. And it usually was.

Bee had no harvest of his own for which to wish prosperity, although he always hoped for good production for the crops back home. His little spice and vegetable garden tended to survive pretty well in the CCCP headquarters; the plans actually thrived in the controlled environment of his container on the Sanctuary. In fact, he had so much cabbage, he couldn’t even give it all away to the food banks of Kings Row.

Chug would take care of the excess.

So, for the dinner: Rhubarb cake? Maybe some honey liqueur? Or perhaps just a bag of potato chips from that convenience store near the Talos Island tram. He was feeling traditional, though. No chips.

Kasparas lifted a gloved hand to activate his teleporter, but then he stopped himself.

I can get back to the ship later. I promised that detective that I’d check out those Crey. Plenty of time left for harvesting and cooking.

Although... if he made pickles, he’d better start tonight.

The commune back home had plenty of former Russians, and the Lithuanians celebrated the changing of the year in a similar fashion. Kasparas wasn't superstitious. If the weather was foggy on the first day of the new year, he didn't predict disease and destruction. But Kasparas took comfort in aspects of the traditions all the same.

It is a good time for a new year, he thought. May the livestock thrive and the crops be bountiful.