Milk and cookies

From the Story Arc: Bestla's Diary

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(posted Tuesday, August 10, 2004)

In the middle of the night we left the US. Mojiotok hired a private jet and a pilot, tapping on cccp america founds for our trip. It was kind of him, for I really wanted to stay alone. Last letter I wrote before leaving paragon I wrote for Viktor. It was written under lousy bridge in fatiscent King's Row, but I suddenly had the urge to write to him, plus I didn't want to come back to my place one last time. I didn't ask anyone, but I'm sure someone will take care of king Alghoritm, Reaktsiya, Ursa or Soviette will probably. I hope they feed him well and give him plenty of milk, becouse he is not used to be left alone. Plus he is magical badger, so he needs special attentions or else all his magic will fade away.
I will miss much also my clocky baseball team "The Lady Bestla Preservers". I hope Meanie II can take care of the others. He is valiant Tesla Knight and very vigilant first base, I know he will.

In this moment we're flying over the ocean. Mojiotok has been silent for all the trip, I don't know if he's depressed or mad at me, but won't talk to me. For now I don't think too much at what will await us in motherland. It feels so different from that time in ex - DDR: when I was backtracking my way to home, I felt like every step was getting me closer to safety, home, peace. This is the contrary, every step I take, seems like a step towards oblivion. But I'm not scared, I still belive in his heart and compassion. They don't know him how I do.


Half an hour ago I had chess match with Mojiotok (I'm no stupid girl, i'm not!). It started with him pulling out tiny chess pieces with magnet from is suitcase, he didn't even asked me if I wanted or I knew how to play. He must know that in Pack chess was one of the few games we were allowed to play. We eventually stalled, but I think it was mostly becouse he didn't focus enough in the last part of the match, when he stopped on a move for what was like ten minutes. I was getting impatient at first (it was very obvious move to do) but then I realized he must have too played with Worker's Champion in rest room, and maybe he was having flashback like I have usually.


We're being escorted by an hour or so by two Mig. They know we're coming.
I always hated the Mig, they were the plane which patrolled the pack airspace when WC bosses were coming for visit. The bosses never met us, just our Master. Only one time I remembered meeting one of them, I was nine. It was night and I wanted some milk to drink, so with my superior grace and stealth I creeped in the kitchen to have some. I also promised to fetch some cookies for Mindy but when opening the package I was caught by this lady. She was of striking beuty. All dressed in a white vest, she looked like some fairy queen or maybe Galadriel (which is my second favourite character from my first favourite book. My first is Boromir becouse he is a tanker too, like me). But for all is grace and beauty there was not compassion or spirit in her eyes, just hollow ice. With a smirk she moved her candid hand and barely touched my forearm, I felt like it was exploding! Such a vibration in all the bones of my hand, bones that suddenly shattered, tearing my flesh while bursting out of my wrist. The second later the wound was no more, but the pain lasted for a long time, almost a month. I felt I was on the verge of tears from the shock but then I felt his presence in the kitchen, behind me. "It is late Bestla, you must stay in your room at night" said Worker's Champion. "Doesn't she deserve punishment, Commisar?" asked the heartless spirit. "Go to sleep, Bestla. It's all fine." While he was saying this, I heard the sound like an iceberg cracking, I knew that sound. When he close his fist, you hear that sound. It's the sound of power.
Later in the night I awaken becouse I coudn't sleep well for that lingering sensation around my wrist: in the dim light I saw something on the table between my bed and Mindy's.

Milk and cookies.