Upcoming Rank Reorganization

(posted Thursday, January 18, 2007)

From: Office of the Commissariat
To: All members
Subject: Rank reorganization

In order to keep things running smoothly, and clearly delegate responsibilities, the officers corps. has drafted a new Chain of Command scheme. Individual's ranks will largely remain the same; some will have their rank changed in order to fit with their current responsibilities. Refer any questions to your immediate commanding officer.

As part of this reorganization, all comrades that current hold rank will be demoted temporarily. Once this is complete, re-promotion to the appropriate rank will take place. Again, all questions on this matter are to be referred to your immediate and current commanding officer.

--Commissar John Murdock, callsign "Blaze Phoenyx"

((Plain as the title says: changing the ranks around a little bit to make things less confusing. IC responsibilities as well as the universal OOC responsibilities of folks with rank have been defined, and the ranks switched around a bit to make more sense. Refer to the forums, where the new organization will be posted up for review.

In the upcoming month, we'll be trying to get as many folks on-line with rank as possible, to facilitate the across the boards demotions. Everyone that currently holds rank will do so again.

Anyways, that's it for here. Read zee forums! --Cody))