I once was lost, but now am found

(posted Friday, January 26, 2007)

The glowing, energy infused fist slammed into the side of his face again. The impact whipped his head to the side spraying blood and saliva on the men holding him up by his arms.

“Tell me what you're doing on this vessel!”

Another savage blow smashed his face. As he brought his head around to look at his attacker again, he spat three teeth onto the deck. Defiantly, he looked up into the gleaming face plate that obscured the face of his antagonist.

“Why are you on this vessel, Mr. Vexton?”

Peter Vexton lifted his head to face the featureless visage staring down at him. Rain water, saliva, and blood dripped from his mouth and down his chin. Stubbornly, he set his lips in a grim line and said nothing.

The man standing over him lashed out, striking him in the ribs. A loud crack reverberated over the deck. As his ribs broke, the air was forced out of Vex's lungs. He didn't try to gasp for air. He dreaded the pain that would accompany any attempt to fill his starving lungs. Suspended by his arms in the firm grip of his captors, Vex's head flopped with the motion of the ship as he tried to gather his strength.

A hand grabbed his hair and abruptly yanked his head upright.

“Answer me! What are you doing on this vessel?” His attacker bellowed.

Again there was no response.

The man released Vex's hair and his head sagged again. Vex watched the shinning yellow boots as they moved to his side and out of view. The man spoke again from behind him.

“You seem to enjoy pain, Mr. Vexton. You are very resilient, but I suspect even you have limits.”

The man brought his boot down on the back of Vex's knee in a vicious stomp. He felt his joint dislocate then smash into the metal decking, shattering his kneecap. The pain overwhelmed him and he cried out.

“Ah, so you can speak.” The man circled to face him again. Vex looked up at the Paragon Protector as he loomed over him. “What are you doing on this vessel, Mr.Vexton?”

Vex regarded him for a moment, smiled, and opened his mouth to speak.
“I believe there has been a mistake. This isn't the Mediterranean Singles Cruise?”

The Protector growled angrily as he smashed his face again with his glowing fist. Vex's head snapped to the side sending his protective goggles skidding across the deck and over the edge into the water.

“Have it your way, Mr.Vexton,” The protector said as he knelt to look Vex in the face, “Let me tell you what I know. I know you are very far from your area of jurisdiction. I know you are no longer on active duty with the CCCP. I know that no one knows where you are. I know that no one is going to find your body in the middle of the North Atlantic.”

Vex squinted in an attempt to shield his milky eyes from the glaring light reflected off the protector's face shield.

“That's right, Mr.Vexton. This is the last time you will ever meddle in the affairs of Crey Industries. I hope you said goodbye to your precious comrades before you left.”

The protector straightened himself, looked down at Vex and raised his hand in a mock salute, “Farewell, Komrad Vex.”

In a blur of motion, the protector brought his leg up, smashing his knee into Vex's face. He hung limp, held up by the two power tanks gripping his arms.

The protector addressed them.

“Throw him over the side.”


His eyes flittered. It was dark except for a faint green glow. Slowly, he opened his eyes and attempted to see where he was. He was laying on his back….on a bed. As his eyes adjusted to the muted lighting he could make out a faintly illuminated metal ceiling accented by a green glow that appeared to be coming from his side. He turned his head to see where the light was coming from. In the darkness he could only make out crude shapes and the green light. Something stirred beside him...moving closer…a person was standing over him. He blinked his eyes in an attempt to see the face hovering above him. After a moment, detail began to emerge. A tiny, beautiful face with flaming green eyes smiled down at him.

“Peter ban...?”

“Thanh Ha?” Vex croaked, tears welling in his eyes, “Where...How…?”

She placed a comforting hand on his chest, “This is Sanctuary, Peter ban. Welcome home.”